Online Workshops

These New Frontier workshop series shares new revelations and teachings about the awakening of the galactic and cosmic human on earth. We will share new guidance that we have received from the light realms, as well as Mary Magdalene’s broader history, as a cosmic, master being of light.

New Human Consciousness

As human beings, we are moving into our next level of incarnation. Because of the higher light frequency influxes and the never-before seen acceleration of consciousness on Gaia, our understanding of ourselves and our place in the galaxy and cosmos is changing.

The Human – the jewel of the universe!

We have been repeatedly told that the human form is the jewel of the universe. But this form must be activated and sublimated into a Christed Consciousness. When we are dedicated to this process, and move into higher forms of consciousness, siddhis (advanced soul abilities) are naturally activated, as a by-product of this inner transmutation.

This series of workshops supports the process of sublimation and transmutation into higher understandings about our place and role in the universe and our functioning as multidimensional beings. As we experiment with and normalize our conscious co-creation with the angelic realms, with our galactic light family, with our inner earth light family, as well as with Gaia’s nature kingdom, we will feel ourselves coming into the next level of our mastery and creation of the Golden Age.


We are designed to be divine human beings, but during the Great Forgetting, many of us lost contact with our creator abilities. We lived through a state of separation and suffering, and considered this to be normal. We are witnessing breakthrough re-memberings at this time, a time when we are retrieving all the pieces of ourselves in order to re-integrate into wholeness and holiness.

Mary Magdalene has asked us to help guide these workshops in order to move into the next frontier of human remembrance. We will transmit our latest revelations, knowledge and wisdom to support this journey of awakening and embodiment of Sophia Christ Consciousness as Divine Human Beings.

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