Working in the Light realms

Dear Ones, 

Here is a list of roles we have seen people take on over the years. Do you recognise any of these? Or is your work perhaps something other than what is listed? Perhaps you take on multiple roles? How does it work for you?


Light purifier

Energy transmuter/transformer


Angelic Protector

Grid worker

Way shower

Starseed embodying galactic library information

Embodiment/channel of higher presence beings

Embodied Program

One who does Heart Prayer Work

One who creates through Heart Imagery

Alchemist of the Sacred Space of the Heart


Partner of the Ascended Masters

Ground Staff from the Galactic Federation of Light

Spiritual/Galactic Architect

Memory & Code Activator

Ascension Guide

Spiritual Teacher




Frequency Holder

Earth Guardian

Elemental Communicator/Guardian

Earth shaman / Galactic Shaman


We put this out to you all as an impulse – to meditate on your role. These are not fixed categories, obviously. The list is simply a springboard for further meditation and contemplation, because there are definitely MANY, MANY MORE!

We feel that it is important to deeply acknowledge the work that you do in the subtle realms. Many of you have worked consciously for a long time and have learned to value your work. For others only recently awakening, you may need encouragement and acknowledgment that you are indeed on the right path, and that your gifts are indeed seen and valued.


There are many types of lightwork and various roles in the lightwork realms at this time of transition towards the New Earth. There are many who have incarnated specifically at this time to consciously support the ascension process. This post is an attempt to open a realm of research and better understanding for us all, to become more aware and to be able to participate more consciously in the collective work through our individual perfect architecture.

When we are deeply connected and centered (and it would appear that specifically at those moments) through our deep commitment, we receive the calling to do certain works. And sometimes these works can only be done in groups, as the transmutation of the energies is much too strong for one person. This is also why it is so important to be aware of our work group, to work in unison – entering the Great Mystery through the purity of the heart to see what we need to do for the Greater Plan.

In this space we take our directionality from the Higher Self, even when the Lower Self may sometimes feel that the timing is inconvenient, that there are things in the material world that need to be taken care of, and when there are apparent work deadlines! But the quicker we align with the direction from the Higher Self, the more efficiently we can do the work that is required.


In the past, there were priestesses and priests whose work was to harmonize collective force fields. Their work was to feel disturbances at an energetic level and to harmonize those disturbances in order that they not manifest in the physical world as distortions of the divine architecture. Unfortunately with the fall of consciousness, this work has been almost totally forgotten in our world, and if not forgotten, then not honored. In traditional Mystery Schools, diverse practices were taught and practiced. The Schools were not only a place of learning, but they were also Temples where spiritual work was done, according to each person’s training.

A Mystery School was different from what we perceive a school to be today. It was a community, a way of living, which is about constant learning and living/practicing of the integrated spiritual earth teachings. It was a space, inner and outer space, in which heaven and earth were in continuous union. The Mystery Schools were the schools of life.

As we move forward in the creation of the New World, we are moving into more and more of a remembering of this and other work. We are tuning to interesting realms of co-creation, and types of work that have not been given names in most of our current languages. It is important that we each know what we are called to work on, and that we are each listening to our higher self. As we are moving into this new hologram, a whole new way of co-creating is opening up. We can be led by memories of other timelines as well as instructions from the light realms.

It is our vision that there are complementary mechanisms in which beings co-create in harmony for the highest good. An example would be an organic farmer and a grocer – they do not do the same work but the jobs are complementary. So it is also in the lightwork.


Each of us is eternal. We incarnate with a history of intergalactic experiences, and many of us bring into this incarnation the experience of many life journeys on Gaia. From the galactic realms, we come in with a blueprint and talents that are the baseline of the way we function here on Earth. In addition to this eternal blueprint, we receive training on Gaia, through lifetimes of practice, in various ways of working with love and light force fields. We don’t all have the same training, but the work that each of us does – to amplify the love and light and dissolve the energies of hatred and separation – is complementary.

Therefore we have felt to research and clarify, and perhaps in some way categorize, in order to help us all to understand various roles in the light realms. In the energetic world, the work is as diverse as it is on a physical level. Each one has his or her own tools and there are soul groups who have gone through the same training over the course of their journeys on Gaia and in the galaxy. These groups have the same energetic language and are able to cooperate on certain projects. Other groups are trained for something different.


What is ideal at this time is for each and everyone to discover his/her own gifts and tools, to make them conscious, in order to put them to service for the creation of the New World. No one can do this for you. This understanding comes from self-study and self-knowledge. And this comes from being authentic to yourself, honoring what resonates with you, and not automatically adopting external discourses.

At this time, we invite you to trust yourselves, trust your role in this great work of love, and from this trust in yourselves will emanate a trust in the collaboration of the network of light and the rightful place of each and every one. It’s very important to stay in a state of centeredness and neutrality as much as possible, and to stay heart – focused and aligned with the New Earth we feel in our hearts.

Some of you may be working on cleaning the grids of Gaia, or sending love and light to these grids. Others may be working on the Galactic Web of Life. Or perhaps doing Earth Acupuncture, creating vortexes, portals either from the earth to the galaxy or the galaxy to the earth. Yet others are working uniquely on a human level, doing individual or collective healing of trauma and painful storylines, and you are deeply committed to the psycho-emotional human healing layer of the transition.

Blessings to you all! 


Anna Vanickova 

Petra van der Linden – Brussen