Ascended Masters



As we move into higher frequency realities, into the Age of Unity, we are more and more frequently in contact with the ascended masters. Here are some of our experiences with these masters; feel free to add your own experiences so that we can collectively develop a deeper awareness of the scope of this topic!


Who are the Ascended Masters?

The ascended masters are beings that walked the Earth plane, just as we do today. They have faced challenges, learned difficult life lessons, and have mastered these lessons. They have acquired vast knowledge and mastered the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of their lives, evolving beyond the need to reincarnate on Earth. They no longer have a physical body, but unlike angels or galactic star beings, they have personal knowledge of the physical Earth realms.


What is Ascension?

As we, human beings, ascend, we find it easier and easier to connect with the ascended masters. Ascension can be understood at many levels. One level of understanding is that the soul is in a continual process of moving up to higher and higher levels of consciousness and perception. Ascension is the result of the gradual expansion of perception, hence change of reality, which happens through the gradual charging and enhancement of the lightbody. From an Earth perspective, ascension is the process of transforming heart-consciousness from within so that a person learns to live in the consciousness of heaven on earth.

How do you see ascension?

 The Spiritual Hierarchy

Ascended masters have passed through higher initiations and hold positions of greater responsibility, overseeing the development of Earth on a cosmic level. They change positions as they themselves evolve into higher levels of the Cosmic Hierarchy and of service to humanity. All are in full service to the Divine Plan for Earth, assisting in raising the consciousness in this realm. Certain ascended masters choose to incarnate into physical form to be of service, although most typically it seems, the masters choose to stay in non-physical form to support us.

How can they help us?

Due to their wisdom and experience, these masters can serve as spiritual guides, healers and teachers. Their mission is to assist humanity in uniting with its divinity and sovereignty and guiding it in its ascension process and evolution towards enlightenment. The ascended masters serve their roles from within the spiritual realms. Some of these masters lived more recently and are well-known, while others are ancient and have been forgotten.

The masters are authorities for those whose goal in life is ascension, as they are compassionate beings dedicated to supporting us and guiding us in our process. They know all the traps and hazards of life on Earth, and they are able to guide us to overcome these so that we can move as quickly and directly as possible in our ascension process, into a reality in which we are sovereign co-creators of the world we live in.

 What do we need to do to be guided?

The first ingredient is a desire to deepen our spiritual life. When we pray from the heart and ask for assistance, the masters will connect with us. We can choose a master we feel attracted to, as they each have specific qualities. They may then visit us in our dreams, during meditations, intuitive journeys, or simply while we are doing everyday tasks with an empty mind. We can communicate directly with them – walk, talk and sit with them. They can help us fulfill our part of the divine plan.

When we send out a prayer to connect with them, we may need to spend time raising our frequency of vibration through purification of our mental, emotional and physical bodies, before they are able to meet our energy pattern. Divine orchestration sometimes sends an ascended master to us to teach us certain lessons or to guide us into our highest path of service. We may not have put out a conscious call, but they recognize that we are ready for the next step of learning/service on our spiritual path. Throughout our lives, we may spend time with many ascended masters, who help us with specific teachings that they have mastered. They may come to us in their own timing, offering their support and guidance at specific moments.

 There are times we may not be sure that we are indeed communicating with a master. In these moments, it is good to know that there is a universal law that states that each being must reveal his/her true face when asked three times. We can ask them three times, and they must respond positively three times.

 Remember that we are here to co-create with the higher realms, and not to ask them to do the work FOR us. Working in the spiritual realms requires centeredness, discernment and responsibility. It is ideal to center yourself in your heart before calling on the spiritual world.

Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School