Born in Ireland, Noreen is naturally connected to the mystery, myth and magic of the Celtic heritage. Descended from several generations of physicians, she chose to develop Heart Energy as the universal healing tool she uses in her practice. 


Knowing that the body heals itself when we allow Source energy to flow, she teaches simple and natural techniques to dissolve the emotional charges or stresses that clog up this natural free flow. She guides people to release the Heart-Walls that may be sabotaging the development of self-appreciation and successful loving relationships. She uses the body as the optimum biofeedback device to locate and dissolve negative programs that are usually lodged in the unconscious mind.  They are then replaced, in the unconscious mind, with positive empowering declarations and affirmations, which grow optimally in the absence of dis-order and inner conflict. Her aim is to put people back in touch with their natural capacity to master their health, and guide them to awaken the extraordinary potential of their own Personal Energy Technology.


chief support angel

Janneke is an angel for practical, operational, administrative, and logistical support work for the MM School. She is a first contact and responds to questions coming into the school. 


Born in the Netherlands, Janneke has always loved producing events. She comes from a family of wonderful cooks and preparing good food for events is one of her passions! She is a meditator, loves being in nature and she works with crystals, reiki and the illuminated heart.

During her long relationship to Petra, Janneke awakened to her True Self. After attending the first retreat in Vézelay, Janneke quit her job and founded Hearts Events Company, and through this structure has helped organise many online and physical retreats for MM’s School. Janneke is deeply connected to the lineages of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. With her role in the school, she supports Petra and Anna in their Remembrance and Unity Consciousness work. 



Philip is an unfailing voice of support in the evolution of the MM School. He creates the perfect conditions so that our team can optimally develop and run programs in the school. He is self-appointed leader of the MM School Fan Club and Head of the Support Team. His guidance stems from his perceptive observation of the flow, his intuitive guidance, and his uncompromising vision. He is a facilitator of the school, in service to the Magdalene lineage.


David has supported the development of MM’s School since its beginning days. It is his permanent dedication to and support of Anna and their three children, which have allowed the conditions for the unfolding of the School. He is always in the background, taking care, protecting, holding space, and maintaining a backdrop of freedom that allows Anna to develop projects according to the guidance of her heart.


Scribe for Mary Magdalene’s School

As Petra and Anna continue to live, work, and create on the leading edge of human ascension, they are generating massive amounts of new information that helps humans understand their history, their purpose, and the reasons for this journey.


This information needs to be captured, organized, codified, and written up in a way that can live independently- as a compendium of spirit that others can come to and discover on their own time, when they’re ready.

The scribe is the recorder and keeper of information. The scribe also shows discernment in choosing what to record, how to record it, and how to organize, juxtapose, combine, and illuminate ancient and new information so that it reflects the deepest truths available. Scribes are the keeper of the written word, and words are the very mechanism of creation.

In this way, the role of the scribe is both independent and collaborative, personal and public, didactic and intuitive, practical and artistic, responsive and creative. The scribe shapes channels of ascension.

In this beautiful journey of developing the School, Kate has stepped into the task as the greatest jewel imaginable! Her work will help a global community committed to ascension process to access the School’s materials through books, workbooks, and online courses. We feel completely blessed to have Kate as part of the School’s working team!

Here is one of her favorite quotes!

“There’s no use trying,” Alice said, “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


Facilitator Healing Circles

The healing circle is a tool that helps us practice conscious co-creation of the reality we live in. In order to do each healing circle, we need ONE person with a clear intention, who will be supported by the group that will hold this intention during the healing. 


The group makes the individual intention a collective intention. It becomes ONE inner voice.

Bermath facilitates the healing circles within the Mary Magdelene Re-membership group for members who reach out and ask for a circle for healing or a heartfelt wish. She supports the person in formulating a strong, positive intention and brings group members together to perform the circles. When we are a part of a healing circle, it has profound impacts on our lives, regardless of whether we are giving or receiving. We become both the giver and the receiver!


Bermath lives in the south west of the Netherlands, close to the sea. From an early age she has been engaged in the real contact with herself, in relation to her Soul and the Great Spirit.

She has a job as a Social Worker, where she works with individuals and groups in the field of personal development, relationships and bereavement and gives training. In addition, she has her own practice in which she focuses on healing body, mind and soul. She gives energetic healing, through her hands energy flows to the body of the other and regeneration takes place at cell level and stored trauma can be released. During shamanic reading & healing she is in contact with the Spirits who work through her.

All the work she does, she does from the Heart, in connection with the other.


Mahima creates a space of grace by weaving the sacred sounds of her enchanting voice together with her shamanic drum, Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls.


She carries ancient wisdoms about the power of sound and the journey of the soul, and shares them with deep reverence in her special, intuitive way. The space offered to participants is one of wholeness and wonder.

Mahima has over 25 years of experience leading groups and individuals. Her unique path brings together sacred sound, yoga, shamanism, tantra, and the way of the priestess. Through surrendered leadership, Mahima leads others to explore their inner world and to follow their inner guidance. Surrendered leadership is a path of Oneness – living a life where we neither stop or force, finding the true Yes and No in an ongoing surrender into the unfolding dance between inspired action and allowance of natural life currents.

Mahima has a deep practice of surrendering into Spirit, allowing transparency, and
trusting the Now. Spirit is the guiding force of all her music and guidance. “My soul has prepared me for these special times. I am a soundweaver whose essence is peace. I am here to be of service, bringing grace in this transition time”.

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