When will YOU part the Red Sea?

Arriving in Egypt, at the Red Sea, we are drawn into the ancient story of Moses, and the story about the parting of the Red Sea.

In this story, Moses was leading his people out of slavery to the promised land. They faced many challenges and it was difficult for them to keep their faith. At a certain point, they were followed by the Egyptian army, who had orders from the pharaoh to bring the Jews back as slaves. At that point in the story, it seemed that there were only two options, as they were seemingly trapped between the army and the Red Sea. Either they succumb to slavery, or they drown in the Red Sea. They did not see the third option – the trinity point. It was at this point that Moses began to pray for another option to reveal itself. At that moment, the Red Sea split in two and his people received safe passage into freedom. 

This story can be understood as a metaphor for the hero or heroine’s journey – the journey we take when we commit to the Path of the Heart.

When we follow the prayer of our heart, we each symbolically part the Red Sea. We walk the prayer, we talk the prayer, we become the prayer. And in so doing, openings are created where no openings previously existed, indeed, in contexts which seemed to be permanently stagnant and closed.

It’s very funny though, because there is a well-known psychological mechanism of forgetting that occurs at this point. Once we have parted the Sea, we cease to see that it was not parted before! It’s like this with healing processes – after we heal, we often forget how badly we felt before! So there is an interest in documenting, by journaling, the path of our prayer, and our journal becomes one of the testimonies of the miracles that happen as we walk the Path of Love.

By living our prayer, we become agents of change in this world. We become the ones we have been waiting for. We learn to experience miracles because in alignment with our soul & the forces of the universe, the fabric of reality starts to change.

We come to learn that nothing is impossible, because we have made the impossible happen, over and over and over again. And when we look back, it appears easy. But before we do it, if feels unthinkable & unfeasible.

Learning to trust in that which is not seen or manifest – the prayer we hold in our hearts – is the key to our sovereign expression. Trust the prayer within – it is the one you incarnated to manifest. It is the reason you are here.

Be true to yourself, and to the reason you came here. You incarnated for a reason. The reason is the prayer that moves your heart, from the place where your soul & Spirit meet. It is YOUR prayer, and YOUR prayer is YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD.

Taking responsibility for our sovereignty is the moment we really, truly, take the steps to create our own divine story. And this is when it starts to get interesting! Walking our path with a heart prayer allows us to enter into the field of miracles – the field of Great Mystery, into the unknown. When we walk this way, we walk the Path of Love, we walk the way of the Feminine Christ.

Jeshua was able to do many wonderful and miraculous things and he said that we (all of us) would be able to do “even greater things”.