Global Meditations For All


Are you ready to start meditating together?

These are Online Global Meditations. Meditating together, whatever our location, increases the Unity Field of Love and Light. When we enter into our sacred heart space in a community of other beautiful awakened beings, and we reside in the sacredness of this energy together, we access a level of our divinity that allows us to create from Source in an exponentially amplified manner. This practice, anchored in the heart, manifests realities on Earth that are beneficial to all Earth inhabitants, to our galaxy and to the entirety of the universe. Unlike the split (dual) creations that come from the Mind, all-embracing Heart Creation is 100% positive in nature and uplifts and inspires the entirety of Creation. We so look forward to sharing this inspiring moment with you!


Online Global Meditations

We would that you organise a local meditation circle and join us online or with a small local circle to connect through the light of the heart!