We Are The Field

Last week, we sent out PART 1 of this two-part text, in which we talked about the human relationship to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way! (-: Here is PART 2!

Our solar system is in alignment with the galactic center at these times, which allows high-frequency energy from the galactic center to move through our nervous systems and re-inform the way we perceive and live on Gaia. This alignment is allowing humanity to step into a One Heart consciousness that is creating a whole New Earth reality based on Oneness.

We live in a quantum field where all possibilities exist simultaneously, but according to what scientists tell us, realities do not exist for us unless they can be seen or imagined.

We would add to this that the only way they can be seen or imagined, is by matching their field of resonance. When our system matches the resonance of the supramental field, for example, then we enter into a reality of synchronicity and magic, where we align our operating system with the unexpected.

Drunvalo Melchizedek once shared a story about how his angels told him every morning about all the material things that were going to happen to him that day, down to the minutest detail. After two weeks of living in this pre-determined reality, he noticed that he was becoming more and more depressed. When examining the source of his depression, he concluded that all the magic of “not knowing” had disappeared. There was no more interaction with the Great Mystery of life, and all the fun had vanished.

Indeed! The Great Mystery, this higher level of perfectly synchronized and orchestrated reality, is a higher level of manifestation that allows us to live in a state of magical not knowing!

This field surrounds us all the time, and can be tapped into and downloaded. It comes from the Higher Mind, the Divine Mind, connected to the 8th dimension, the organizational field of light.

It can be entered, according to the Pleiadians, by entering the mind of the sun. Praying to the sun attunes us to solar wisdom. In our school, we call this the solarization process, a conscious way of entering into resonance with the sun and its cosmic intelligence. This higher level of consciousness has been written about in various way during human history!

The Higher Field of Divine Intelligence has had many names throughout human history. Sri Aurobindo called this dimension the supramental field. By tapping into it, he received instructions on how to preserve his life in a time that was very dangerous for him in the fight for India’s independence. It was his great desire that humanity reconnect to this higher mental field, the universal, highly intelligent and organized universal operational field, which by nature is infinite and whole.

This field is experienced in the inner recesses of one’s sacred heart and is beyond words or concepts. Our guides, angels, ascended masters and other advanced beings can help us access this realm of Light when we ask them for guidance. We come to realize that we ARE this light incarnated, in order to reflect it back to Source from our 3D world.

When we ask for divine assistance, and with various spiritual practices, we are helped to move into this state of expanded consciousness. Divine multidimensional reality is available to all of us for a natural, heart-based ascension process.

We are remembering how to deeply surrender into the Great Mystery in order to access the vast cosmic intelligence that is more and more available to us in these times. This cosmic intelligence has not been easily available to us in thousands of years! These are the times we have been waiting for!

It is a time that we are remembering that WE ARE THE FIELD. We are not separate from it. When we align with the life flow of Source emanating from the Galactic Center, the divine perfection is an architecture so complex and detailed, that the only way to see it is after it has come into place, in the most miraculous ways!

There is indeed a much higher field of intelligence that is bringing the human family together in Oneness. It may take some time for this consciousness to become apparent in the material world, but we are well on our way to collectively entering this New Earth consciousness!

Many Blessings,
Anna & Petra