Twin Ray

Twin Ray

There are many beliefs and perceptions regarding The Twin Flame Union. We will share what is part of our experience and perspective. As with any subject related to ascension, the way we experience or see, sense, and feel truth depends on our level of consciousness at any moment in time. The activation of Twin Ray consciousness has helped many to shift rapidly from “old world” belief systems to a “New World” template.


The Twin Ray holds the consciousness and the memory of the One Heart, the Oneness Consciousness. The Twin Ray is the energy that holds the Twin Flame or Twin Soul Path.

Ascension of Humanity:

The Twin Ray energy emerged in an expanded way on Gaia at the moment humanity started to awaken and to ascend in the mid 1900s. This spiritual emergence was supported by Twin Flame relationships, which helped anchor the consciousness of Oneness into the planetary field. These relationships opened human memory to a state of being known in ancient times. It was a memory of paradise on earth, unity,  connection with the Creator, and understanding that the Source was within us. Twin Flame couples that held and hold the Twin Ray embodiment on Gaia have a specific purpose in the awakening of humanity. These couples were, and continue to be, in service to the birth of the Golden Age of Peace on Earth.

Oneness Consciousness and Twin Ray Consciousness was taken out of the Earth matrix when humanity fell into the Great Forgetting. There were just a few who remembered this consciousness throughout the timelines and held its presence actively in the Earth’s grid. It was kept deeply hidden in inner and surface Earth, invisible from the destructive, dense energies. The last memories of the Twin Ray and Unity Consciousness were present at the time of Lemuria. With the fall of Atlantis, a soul split and disconnection happened for many.  

The Twin Ray Energy Within:

The Twin Flame is an energy that is held within oneself. It is often still a dormant intelligence that is in the process of awakening on Earth again; it emerges when it is activated within ourselves. When our inner Twin Flame is activated and holds the frequency of ONE, we can also experience the Twin Flame outside of ourselves. Unity is attained through the unification of all that is separate.

Sacred Union:

The true essence of the Twin Flame is the Sacred Union, the divine marriage within ourselves. This union can take place on many levels of consciousness and through our different bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). In a sense, the Sacred Union is made when one’s Higher Self merges with one’s Lower Self. At this point there is an awakening into one’s whole being, one’s full Divine Self. One experiences oneself as a conduit for divine intelligence and remembers that one is a unique expression of the God Self.

 It is only through the field of unconditional love that one is able to activate the Twin Flame energy within. The Solar Christ consciousness is the light intelligence that activates the Twin Ray energy. In this awakening, the Christed Light comes in to fuse with the inner Sophia Creator principle.

The Twin Ray carries the consciousness of Oneness in a state of full individuation; a person who embodies this consciousness is guided by the Higher Self at all times. In this embodiment, one experiences an unconditional connection to all of God’s Creation. One lives in a consciousness that transcends all separation while at the same time walking one’s highest individual path. This allows one to live in a reality of peace on Earth. This is the essence of the Way of Love of the Twin Flames.

Masculine & Feminine:

When all is in balance within oneself, one lives in a state of peace at all levels. As men and women of the New Earth, we need to balance the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies inside ourselves. Any imbalance of these principles will cause a disharmonic, disturbed experience in the lower duality consciousness.

The Twin Ray energy can be anchored when one learns how to harmonise all aspects of duality in a constant process (alchemy) of re-balancing. This process of balancing energies within is the basis for attaining oneness within. This act of balancing continues within a Twin Flame relationship. It is in the balanced power of these polarities that the Twin Flame can be exposed, and then powerfully experienced and lived.

Meeting your Twin Flame:

The Twin Flame energy may lead you to meet your Twin Flame in the outer world. If this is meant to be, and is aligned with your soul plan, you will meet this person in divine timing and in resonance with your life purpose. Sacred Union between two people is attained when both resonate in an identical frequency field, allowing the unification process to take place. It is then that the energies match each other perfectly, and the two individuals feel a magnetic attraction; this is like two magnets drawn together to fulfill their life’s purpose and to dance together according to the universe’s rhythm. Meeting one’s Twin Flame in human form always happens in divine timing, and this meeting usually happens when one least expects it.  There is always a greater force at work to make this happen.

The Twin Ray and the Christed Sophia Consciousness:

The path of the Twin Ray is the inner path of the Christos-Sophia principle. It can only reveal itself once one has lived through many levels of universal love and wisdom throughout many timelines. This state of Oneness Consciousness can be seen as a revelation of Universal Freedom. The revelation is complete when the Christed Light enters into Divine Marriage with the Sophia Wisdom of Unconditional Love. The Christed Sophia Light is resurrected when one attains the sublimated state of the Oneness Consciousness within unconditional love. This is also the moment that the Holy Spirit is embodied. The so-called Hieros Gamos is completed in the Sacred Temple of the One Heart and the spiritual essence of the Divine Trinity manifests itself as the Magnum Opus of Cosmic Consciousness. When one resurrects into this consciousness, one begins to truly experience the full alchemy of miracle consciousness.

We have limited words to express the human experience of the Twin Flame Union. It holds a sacredness and intelligence that is attainable through the higher frequency realms of light beyond the current expression of the human mind. It is only through direct experience that one can truly understand the power of creation that this Christed state holds.

The microcosm of this New Earth experience brings us into the unity of our most original state. This creates love & light vortices all across the planet and accelerates the ascension of people living in the surroundings of these vortices. Twin Flame couples create a template for relationship and union in the Golden Age.


Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School