As we move into the channel of the sacred field of the Sinai, there is an accelerated flow of codes of remembrance. This is indeed a portal to remembering our origins…

This morning’s transmission came with an incredible feeling of homecoming. We saw thousands of priests and priestesses of the Sun coming together in one point of focus, one point of brilliance and light, to fully bring back the reality of the divine origins of Gaia.

These Children of RA, in service to the Great Central Sun, have been holding the inner light, the sacred inner fire, in the greatest times of darkness in this sector of our galaxy. Their uncompromised dedication to the sacredness of life has allowed us to move into this time of Great Remembering, this Great Return to Paradise.

In September 2021, with great emotion, we were asked by RA to liberate 4000 of his children who were held prisoners under the River Nile. With tears flooding down our faces, not consciously understanding the magnitude of this action, we witnessed these light beings move into the center of the Earth, down to the crystalline diamond core of her heart.

We witnessed how they immediately took position to contribute to building the sacred geometries underlying the divine architecture of the New Era.

A year later, we are preparing to meet at Mt. Sinai with a group of divine souls, children of RA, priests & priestesses of the Solar Temple tradition, who have for many millennia lived and worked across the whole planet. They have kept the Divine Knowledge alive, sometimes at great cost.

This is truly a time of great restoration & celebration. The time of re-unification is well underway, and it is a testimony to the commitment, the dedication, the love and self-sacrifice of many, many divine souls. What a deep, deep honor to be sharing this moment with you, at this time, on Gaia.