Ark of Peace & Abundance
Universal Codex for a New Civilisation

Everyone is Welcome!

We are deeply touched and grateful to initiate this program for peace with our global community and we invite all those who feel called to deepen and expand the field of peace & abundance over this two-month period!  Join us in activating the Sophia Christ Peace Templates, stored deep within our precious DNA. Our Divine Templates are the founding stones of an Illuminated Human Civilisation based in Peace & Abundance”
Petra van der Linden – Brussen & Anna Vanickova

THE ARK OF PEACE & ABUNDANCE is a two-month program guided by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, which will run from October 21 – December 21, 2022.

This program is for those interested in participating in this PEACE INITIATIVE over the following months.

In this period of time, so much new energy is coming in that you may be feeling a lot of discomfort inside of yourself!

Breathe in and breathe out ….
It is all part of the process!

We can really feel the Universal Womb that has been gestating a new reality for thousands of years, now birthing through each and every one of us!

This enormous shift requires from us to stay true to ourselves, training our ability to observe the reality as it is, while at the same time being the vehicle through which it manifests.

What a task!

With many planets in retrograde and with us moving through the peak of an electromagnetic conflict cycle, we have been guided to focus deeply on PEACE – maintaining an underlying relationship of peace with ourselves, with others, with the process we are going through individually and collectively.


We call upon you all because we have a collective soul contract to fulfil! It is our task to play out the prophecy of this time, and this can only happen when we stand hand in hand, heart to heart, eyes and ears wide open! This unified effort of masterful souls will change the course of history for humanity on Gaia.

If you are reading this, then you know that your presence is indispensible for the task at hand!

YOU have the power and the inner toolkit!

TOGETHER we will make the shift to the New Humanity!

We call on all men and women of our global community to join us in sustained, heart-centered prayer for peace and abundance for all of humanity. The Time is Now!


Join us for this special online journey of remembrance, when we will collectively hold an Ark of Peace & Abundance! Together, with the guidance of Mary Magdalene, we will take a collective step to alchemise the Soul of Humanity into Peace!

We have been shown there would be a divinely timed moment when the UNIVERSAL CODEX of Peace & Abundance for humanity will be revealed through our gatherings.


Our MULTIDIMENSIONAL DNA is our access point to the Great Mystery of Creation and to the Ark. Join us in this global journey to receive the NEW CODES OF CREATION for an ascending humanity, when we will be activating the SOPHIA CHRIST PEACE TEMPLATES, held latent until now, deep within our DNA structure…

Together, with sustained focus, we will hold a global field assisting the activation & anchoring of these GOLDEN UNIVERSAL TEMPLATES on Earth, supporting a deeper embodiment of our original Divine Human blueprint. In so doing, we will be setting the FOUNDING STONES OF A NEW CIVILISATION.


We consider this a time when we are ready for an imminent COSMIC HEALING & CREATION EVENT, which we invite each and every one of you to participate in, consciously. By joining this Ark, to set the founding stones of a Civilization of Peace & Abundance, each and every one of us will be inaugurating A SEASON OF DEEP ALCHEMY & EMPOWERMENT.

We will be focusing on the intention of a Civilization of Peace & Abundance with our global community, with our soul family, because we know, we see, that the times we are living in require from us sustained focus on a field of peace and love. As a global community, we have the power to help stabilize the field of collective transformation with our conscious inner work.


We will facilitate this season through real-time guidance in collaboration with the Ascended Masters, with the intention of deepening & expanding Peace for the New World.

The program consists of three phases: Preparation, Part 1 and Part 2. Some of you have already done the preparatory phase of working with the waters. Although not obligatory, we do encourage those of you who have not yet worked with the waters to do so before Part 1 & 2 begin.

Preparation: Apotheosis of the Inner Waters (Sept. onwards)
Part 1: Mt. Sinai Peace Transmissions Oct. & Nov.
Part 2: Peace Templates for a New Civilization Nov. & Dec.

(If you feel called to participate in the individual parts, this is also possible).

 What others have shared about programs of Mary Magdalene’s School:

“The meditations are profound and beyond my understanding. So much happens and I can’t recollect it, it happens in another realm or consciousness. Your contribution … is so important for all participants and beyond. I feel words cannot express enough my gratitude.”


Ark of Peace Part 1

October 21 – November 18, 2022)

Sinai is a sacred power spot where Mother Earth shares information, wisdom and codes with her human children. Join Petra & Anna in this 4-week journey as they prepare for and travel to Sinai to connect with the high alchemical wisdom held here between Gaia & Orion, the SOPHIA CHRIST PEACE TEMPLATES. Guidance about this journey began appearing in November 2021, when Petra & Anna were asked by the light realms to participate in the activation of various etheric temple cities around Gaia as well as in the retrieval of Humanity’s Original Soul Stone.

With the evolution of human consciousness, the activation of the Sophia Christ Consciousness, and the support of the Light Family of Orion, the Melchizedek Priests/Priestesses, the Great White Brotherhood, Lemurian soul family and many more, we are now ready to remember & activate the UNIVERSAL CODEX OF PEACE & ABUNDANCE.


Participating in this online event will bring you with us on a journey to Sinai, allowing you to benefit in real-time from the field that is in the process of opening in these sacred lands. You will be brought into the work in its preparatory stage, as of Oct. 21, as well as REAL-TIME FROM EGYPT, both through the inner planes and the outer communication networks that we will set up with the group.


This program is a unique offering from Mary Magdalene’s School and includes:

  • Preparatory materials starting Oct. 21
  • Real-time written and recorded video & audio materials from Sinai – Egypt sent to you by email from Nov. 1–13
  • Special pre-recorded Guided Meditation for the Full Moon Peace Flame Vigil 8/11
  • Downloads of light intelligence, cosmic & earth data as we receive them
  • A live zoom session with participants on November 18, after we return home to share and to interact with participants.

!! We will share each significant aspect of our journey so that we can collectively hold the field for the benefit of humanity !!


In addition to this you will receive as an EXTRA OFFERING: a special guided meditation for a full moon night vigil on Nov. 8, connecting you to Mt. Sinai. A call has gone out to 1000 women (and men) to be present at Mt. Sinai, for a worldwide meditation that day. We encourage you to participate in this night vigil by organising a circle in your local community. You are welcome to use our guided meditation in this circle of Peace.

Mt. Sinai Peace Transmissions
will function as a springboard for Part 2:

Ark of Peace Part 2

(Nov. 27 – Dec. 21, 2022)

Part 2 consists of 5 online transmissions, starting on the first Advent Sunday and culminating on the December Solstice 2022. During these meetings, we will be journeying into higher planes of consciousness, and will delve into a deeper process with the Sophia Christ Peace Templates.  

The 5 online transmissions will take place in a ZOOM environment on the following dates:

Nov. 27, Dec. 4, Dec. 11, Dec. 18, Dec. 21. (The final solstice meeting will be open to the global public)

EXTRA OFFERING – In addition to these meetings, there will be an EXTRA OFFERING, a Sophia Christ CREATION CIRCLE with Petra & Anna.

 What others have shared about programs of Mary Magdalene’s School:

“For anyone new to this page, I cannot recommend these amazing beacons of light enough. There is a lot of information out there at the moment and some of it can be confusing. I always feel like a “coming home” to the purest kind of love when I listen to one of these meditations. Being in the ReMembership Group gives a special kind of support and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Anna, Petra and their support team. I think I would feel rather lost without you!”

What do you need to participate?

You will need a (free) ZOOM account to participate in these meetings.

Upon registering, participants agree that the LIVE Zoom meeting is recorded, to allow those not able to attend in real time to view the recording later. Participants wishing to stay anonymous in the ZOOM call are free to do so.

Financial Exchange

Know that it is possible to participate in either Part 1 OR Part 2, OR BOTH! If you decide to participate in both, an online thank you suprise will come to you…

Part 1 AND 2Part 1 OR 2
Regular price€ 288,-€ 222,-€ 144,-
Re-Membership members€ 176,-€ 133,-€ 88,-

Prices incl. VAT

Special Offer: We are delighted to offer a 40% reduction to all incoming members of the Re-membership Program. Members of this program meet regularly through ZOOM with Petra & Anna for a range of activities. If you have been hesitating to join our school community, then here is the perfect opportunity to do so! We look forward to welcoming you there!


You are whole-heartedly invited to join the Ark of Peace & Abundance!

The number of places is limited. Participate consciously – individually and collectively – to contribute to the founding of a New Humanity!

Special Offer: We are delighted to offer a 40% reduction to all incoming members of the Re-membership Program. Members of this program meet regularly through ZOOM with Petra & Anna for a range of activities. If you have been hesitating to join our school community, then here is the perfect opportunity to do so! We look forward to welcoming you there!


The Apotheosis of the Inner Waters

This program is a 7-day intensive program which includes transmissions, healings, two recorded zoom meetings, teachings, and experiments to connect more deeply with the waters and with the field we are creating together. Within this Ark, this program offers an opportunity to discover our inner mastery and amplify our inner space of silence, harmony & balance, in the midst of turmoil and great purification. This program can be started at any time.