Sophia Christ Healing Circle
a global, collective healing space

with Petra van der Linden-Brussen
and Anna Vanickova

Welcome to the Sophia Christ Healing Circle! This circle is an interdimensional healing space emanating from the Sophia Christ consciousness of One.

Petra and Anna have been offering global meditations through Mary Magdalene’s School for two years. They have received countless messages from participants about spontaneous healings and shifts in consciousness. Participants regularly find a new level of ease and expanded capacity in daily life after these meetings. This global healing chamber is a new initiative, with a primary focus on healing suffering of any kind, which may manifest as physical, emotional or psychological pain. Any dis-ease or discomfort can be brought into this field in order to be alchemized and liberated.

The circle is a sacred healing space designed for individuals within a field of group healing. The circle is anonymous, and anyone in need of healing, at any level, is welcome. Upon entering this sacred space, an activated healing field emanating from the One Heart embraces each and every participant and his/her individual needs. Many Light Beings come in to support the field of Christ Light, offering their particular intelligence in order to dissolve old programs of suffering and disempowerment. They support us in opening up to the diamond codes of the new consciousness. This field naturally sublimates the body, aligning participants with their divine selves through gentle, yet immensely powerful streams of energy.

© Vera Holland |

During these guided healing circles, we work with multidimensional, universal healing energies that support natural health and wholeness, to align us with our original blueprint. The circle becomes a stargate, drawing in the alchemical White-Gold Flame and Solar Plasma from the Central Galactic Sun – two powerful forces supporting transformation of consciousness. Through guidance and prayer, Anna and Petra create a field of unconditional love and light to prepare the space of healing, in cooperation with benevolent light beings that support humanity’s ascension process. They call in higher light frequencies in order to shift the frequency field into a higher resonance, thus enabling healing to take place more efficiently.

Although this is a collective healing space, you will be primarily focused on your own healing process. In order to most benefit from the session, we encourage you to prepare your intention for your healing in advance, through meditation and connection to your heart.

This field naturally sublimates the body, aligning participants with their Divine Selves through gentle, yet immensely powerful streams of energy.

Sophia Christ Healing Circle

The Sophia Christ Healing Circle will be offered on the following dates.

Thursday, December 7
Thursday, January 11
Tuesday, February 6
Thursday, February 29
Monday, March 18

All temples are at 20h00/8 PM (Paris Time)

We can unfortunately neither change the date nor refund your ticket once you have paid. Thanks for your understanding. The sessions will not be recorded. 

Financial Exchange

We have been asked what an equitable donation is for these sessions. We appreciate a donation of € 22-55,- for participation in this Sophia Christ Healing Circle, to honor intentional, heart-based reciprocity, and to allow us to provide this important service. All donations allow Mary Magdalene’s School to maintain and to expand its service to humanity.

We understand, however, that not everyone is able to make a donation and we want to assure you that everyone is welcome, regardless of financial possibility. A session in this chamber can be given as a gift to someone in need. If you have restricted funding, please take this opportunity to ask someone to gift you, to honor you and the Temple. In all cases, we are committed to keeping the Sophia Christ Healing Circle available to all who are in need.