Sacred Chamber of Consolation

Many people are in need of loving accompaniment at this time of individual and collective purification, transformation and transition.

This online space of consolation is open to all who seek deep respite and nurturing during this intense time of transition. We are in a time of great change, and this can sometimes bring up resistance. We can feel drained and powerless when the outcomes feel unsure.

The moment you enter the Sacred Chamber of Consolation, your heart opens to the serene, divine nourishment imbued in this space, where you can connect to a reality beyond physical appearances. No matter what grief, sorrow or despair you are experiencing, you are deeply welcome here. This space is built out of pure care and compassion, where you can find a deep, restful peace. Its soft, gentle caress is intended to bring you relief and consolation. The presence of the Divine Mother Sophia and the Sophia Christ Consciousness permeate the entire space.

During this time of collective turbulence and sometimes overwhelming purification, you are invited to open yourself and to receive in this space. It is a space to heal your heart, to allow all the pain in your heart to melt away. This is a space to open to Divine Grace so that you can be liberated of all your suffering, your sorrow, your loss, your despair, your tiredness, your wounds…

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The moment you enter the Sacred Chamber of Consolation, your heart opens to the serene, divine nourishment imbued in this space.

The Divine Mother, with her infinite capacity to heal each and everyone, is here to help you unfold into your wholeness, into the deep sacredness and uniqueness of your being.

You are invited to receive consolation and comfort, to be nourished by a field of unconditional love that honors you exactly as you are, at this moment in time. As you enter this space of divine unity, you are brought into a serenity and stillness that holds you and the preciousness of your True Self.

In the loving presence of Mahima, your whole being is invited into the unconditional love of the Space of Consolation. You will be treated to a loving experience through gentle songs, sounds and words, which will delicately permeate and console your whole being. This online offering allows you to lay down all your resistance and receive the love of the Divine Mother. Be welcome, enter, surrender and allow yourself to be held.

The Sacred Chamber of Consolation is open to all. It is a monthly online one-hour offering designed for groups. All participants remain anonymous within the session. All sessions are unique and focused on the highest good of the ones that are present.

As you enter this space of divine unity, you are brought into a serenity and stillness that holds you and the preciousness of your True Self.

Who is Mahima?

Mahima creates a space of grace by weaving the sacred sounds of her enchanting voice together with her shamanic drum, Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls. She carries ancient wisdoms about the power of sound and the journey of the soul, and shares them with deep reverence in her special, intuitive way. The space offered to participants is one of wholeness and wonder.

Mahima has over 25 years of experience leading groups and individuals. Her unique path brings together sacred sound, yoga, shamanism, tantra, and the way of the priestess. Through surrendered leadership, Mahima leads others to explore their inner world and to follow their inner guidance.  Surrendered leadership is a path of Oneness – living a life where we neither stop or force, finding the true Yes and No in an ongoing surrender into the unfolding dance between inspired action and allowance of natural life currents. 

Mahima has a deep practice of surrendering into Spirit, allowing transparency, and trusting the Now. Spirit is the guiding force of all her music and guidance. “My soul has prepared me for these special times. I am a soundweaver whose essence is peace. I am here to be of service, bringing grace in this transition time”.

This Chamber will be open once in April at 20h00/8.00PM Paris Time

No circles planned at this moment. Please follow our calendar for future events or subscribe to our newsletter.

We also offer individual accompaniment for those in need – please see the Chamber of Transitions.

We can unfortunately neither change the date nor refund your ticket once you have paid. Thanks for your understanding. The sessions will not be recorded.  

Financial Exchange

We have been asked what an equitable donation is for these sessions. We appreciate a donation of 22-55 euros for participation in this Sacred Chamber of Consolation, to honor intentional, heart-based reciprocity, and to allow us to provide this important service. All donations allow Mary Magdalene’s School to maintain and to expand its service to humanity.

We understand, however, that not everyone is able to make a donation and we want to assure you that everyone is welcome, regardless of financial possibility. A session in this chamber can be given as a gift to someone in need. If you have restricted funding, please take this opportunity to ask someone to gift you, to honor you and the Temple. In all cases, we are committed to keeping the Sacred Chamber of Consolation available to all who are in need.