Sacred Chamber for Transitions

As beloved friends or family members transition into the light realms, they, and those they leave behind, can be individually supported through unconditional love and conscious guidance.

These are private sessions for people in the process of passing over and for their loved ones.

The Sacred Chamber for Transitions is an online space in which this transition can be held in honor and respect, with conscious integration of the broader spiritual reality of life processes. This sacred chamber is a space in which individual accompaniment and ceremonies are held for those who are passing, to guide them into the light, and to console those who continue their journey in the earth realm.

Mahima’s loving presence spans the physical and subtle realms. In this space, she is in service to the individual’s transition process, this most ephemeral moment between realities. She holds a conscious space for divine grace to hold souls in their move to the next plane of their existence.

In the online, one-on-one sessions, Mahima provides her non-judgmental presence of unconditional love to hold space for both the one who is passing and for family members assisting in the transition, so that all involved can be lovingly accompanied into their next phase of life. Through her neutral presence and wisdom, she energetically supports all people in the family constellation to move from any possible entanglement into liberation and clarity.

This process in some cases necessitates a shift in perception for those who remain in the physical realm. The letting go of the departing one allows the wisdom and pearls to be received by the ones that are left behind.

Accompaniment through sound vibrations can deeply support all these processes, holding the transition in a gentle and beautiful way, and opening a field of peace.

“My role is to not have any specific ideas or agendas, but to serve through a form that will reveal itself with the tools I have gathered over lifetimes. The more we remember how precious this moment is, the more we enter a state of peace. Transparency and authenticity is key. There is so much involved in these moments, the ability to surrender is the main mastery.” – Mahima

Who is Mahima?

Mahima creates a space of grace by weaving the sacred sounds of her enchanting voice together with her shamanic drum, Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls. She carries ancient wisdoms about the power of sound and the journey of the soul, and shares them with deep reverence in her special, intuitive way. The space offered to participants is one of wholeness and wonder.

Mahima has over 25 years of experience leading groups and individuals. Her unique path brings together sacred sound, yoga, shamanism, tantra, and the way of the priestess. Through surrendered leadership, Mahima leads others to explore their inner world and to follow their inner guidance. Surrendered leadership is a path of Oneness – living a life where we neither stop or force, finding the true Yes and No in an ongoing surrender into the unfolding dance between inspired action and allowance of natural life currents.

Mahima has a deep practice of surrendering into Spirit, allowing transparency, and trusting the Now. Spirit is the guiding force of all her music and guidance. “My soul has prepared me for these special times. I am a soundweaver whose essence is peace. I am here to be of service, bringing grace in this transition time”.

Sessions are tailored to individual needs, because each and every situation is unique. Please contact us for more information by filling in this form.

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Consolemony 1

One individual one-hour session with a short preparation by Mahima.

Financial Exchange: €333

(including VAT 21%):

Consolemony 2 & Accompaniment

Two individual one-hour sessions with preparation and accompaniment over the time of the two sessions.

Financial Exchange: €999

(including VAT 21%):

Consolemony 3 & Accompaniment

Three individual one-hour sessions with preparation and accompaniment over the time of the three sessions.

Financial Exchange: €1600

(including VAT 21%):

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