Sacred Chamber for Healing
individual healing circle

with Bermath van der Kevie & a Circle of Eight
from the community of Mary Magdalene’s School

Welcome to the
Sacred Chamber of Healing.

This offering from Mary Magdalene’s School is for individuals who are seeking support for healing at any level – physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. In preparing for a healing, participants clarify their underlying intention with Bermath van der Kevie. A healing circle then takes place online through a ZOOM meeting, with eight members of the school’s community. The healing circle is modeled on Lynn McTaggart’s Power of Eight.

In Mary Magdalene’s School, our community has been gathering in Power of Eight circles for over a year. The results of these circles are truly miraculous and life-changing for many. From physical illness, emotional or mental discomfort, to feelings of disempowerment & stress and countless other situations or processes, these circles have the power to create deep change and liberation.

“The results of these circles are truly miraculous and life-changing for many.”

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The Power of Heart Intention

In this time of profound change, we are given the opportunity to move into wholeness and into a deeper awareness of our ability to create our own health, well-being, harmony and abundance at all levels. By taking the time to become aware of, and to align with our heart intention, we make a great step towards aligning our lives with our deep soul desires. It is by living our soul path consciously that we naturally live in a state of abundance at all levels.

Each person of the group of eight that will be present to support your healing, has experience with these healing circles, and most have benefitted from receiving healings themselves. During this time of collective turbulence and sometimes overwhelming purification, you are invited to open yourself to receiving healing in this space. This is a chamber for healing heartbreaks, disappointments and bitterness, and for allowing the pain held in your system melt away. This healing work supports everyone in moving from a contracted heart space into an open and free heart that is capable of receiving divine love and abundance. This is a space to open to Divine Grace so that you can be liberated of your suffering, your sorrow, your loss, your despair, your tiredness, your wounds… As you are guided by your Higher Self, you will always receive exactly what is necessary for you at this time in your life journey.

This individual healing circle is a tool that helps us practice conscious co-creation of the reality we live in. The group of 8 makes your individual intention a collective intention, and your intention is carried in the heart and inner voice of each and every attendant. Your healing begins the moment you set your intention, which can be several weeks before the healing circle takes place. After the healing circle, the new reality of your transformed state may continue to fully manifest in the physical plane for several months.

You are invited to make a great step into your wholeness and holiness, with the loving support of a beautiful field of attendants who amplify your heart desire, in order to make it manifest in the physical world.

“This individual healing circle is a tool that helps us practice conscious co-creation of the reality we live in.”

Who is Bermath?

Bermath has been facilitating healing circles for the community of Mary Magdalene’s School since 2021. She assists individuals requesting a healing circle, helping them clarify and formulate a strong, positive intention, as well as organising attendants to perform the circles. 

As a social worker, Bermath works with individuals and groups in the fields of personal development, relationships, and bereavement. She also gives trainings. As a Master Practitioner of Regenesis Healing, she offers healing for body, mind and soul, all through the portal of the body.  She uses her hands to send healing energy to her clients, which allows trauma to be released at many levels, and deep regeneration to take place at a cellular level. During her shamanic readings & healings, she is in contact with the spirits, who work through her. Many people have spiritual breakthroughs in these healing sessions. 

 All her healing modalities are heart-based, and in respect and connection to the Other. Bermath lives in the Netherlands, close to the sea. From an early age she has been engaged in authentic contact with herself, in relation to her Soul and to Great Spirit.

“When I learned more about who Mary Magdalene really was and her connection with Yeshua, the teachings of Yeshua that I was brought up with, became whole. Mary Magdalene’s feminine side of the teachings – to live from the One Heart – make the teachings complete and whole for me; the male and female combined in the One Divine Heart shows me the way.”

Booking a Healing Circle

Individual Healing Circles can be booked with Bermath van der Kevie. 

Bookings are based on availability, as there may be a waiting list.  Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an email with guidance on how to prepare for the healing circle, including a ZOOM call with Bermath.

These healing circles are intended to open your consciousness and receive healing. They are not suitable for people who have mental illness, who have undergone psychiatric care or other serious mental care.

Financial Exchange

We have been asked what an equitable donation is for these sessions. We appreciate a donation of € 333,- for participation in this Sacred Chamber of Healing, to honor intentional, heart-based reciprocity, and to allow us to provide this important service. This sum honors all the people who give their time to support you in your deep healing process.

All donations allow Mary Magdalene’s School to maintain and to expand its service to humanity. A session in this chamber can be given as a gift to someone in need. If you have restricted funding, please take this opportunity to ask someone to gift you, to honor you and the Healing Temple.

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