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A Space for Multidimensional Healing and Consolation

At the very center of Mary Magdalene’s School, our modern-day mystery school, lies the Temple of the One Heart. Mary Magdalene, Keeper of the Flame of Oneness, is the guardian of this temple.

Imagine the entrance to this sacred temple space, surrounded by a paradisiacal garden with blooming flowers diffusing the most divine, soft fragrance.

Abounding are trees, shrubs and plants that are a landing space for many birds, butterflies and a vast assortment of other small animals and insects that support and protect the air and the plant kingdom. The earth is made of fertile brown soil and she opens her arms wide to the elementals, to hold them in their light and carefree dance. The light in the garden is imbued with softness, love and an all-embracing caress for the heart.

The sense of spaciousness is uplifting and each breath is expansive and nourishing. The pure, silver, sparkling water from the Source of Infinite Life invites all to drink the original, crystalline drops of Life. Soft sounds enliven the harmonious spirit of this temple, imbuing the space with gentle vibrations that embrace souls like softly glowing rays of a candle.

In the center of the temple are several sacred chambers. These small multi-dimensional chambers are designed to hold and heal anyone committed to stepping into wholeness.

Sacred Chamber of Consolation


Many people are in need of loving accompaniment at this time of individual and collective purification, transformation and transition. This online space of consolation is open to all who seek deep respite and nurturing during this intense time of transition.

Sacred Chamber for Passage to the Afterlife


The third Sunday of the month we will hold a space of consolation, support, and guidance for those who are passing over. This is a moment to accompany you during the time you, or someone you know, is passing over.

Sacred Chamber for Transitions


As beloved friends or family members transition into the light realms, they, and those they leave behind, can be individually supported through unconditional love and conscious guidance. These are private sessions for people in the process of passing over and for their loved ones.

Sophia Christ Healing Circle


The circle is a sacred healing space designed for individuals within a field of group healing. The circle is anonymous, and anyone in need of healing, at any level, is welcome. Upon entering this sacred space, an activated healing field emanating from the One Heart embraces each and every participant and his/her individual needs.

Sacred Chamber for Healing


This offering from Mary Magdalene’s School is for individuals who are seeking support for healing at any level – physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. In preparing for a healing, participants clarify their underlying intention with Bermath van der Kevie.

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