Solarisation – a gift from the Cosmic Realms


In the last weeks, we have all experienced the intense solar flares directing at Earth. These might have had a strong impact on your well-being, leading to a range of symptoms. But we are so grateful that these solar flares continue to bring white-gold plasma, with its high intelligence, to Gaia Earth!

You may have been feeling internal pressure at different levels, or perhaps irritation, blocks, a sense of stagnation, or a whole spectrum of other symptoms as your old, lower vibration self is systematically dismantled and elevated by the incoming light.

The succession of enormous sunspots and flaring occurring on the Sun is a real, concrete sign that humanity is ready for its next dose of higher consciousness. The super-charged eclipses this year will play a role in this transformation too.

As a wayshower or light worker, you’ll receive higher doses of light than many others, which means that the light will expose shadow material to a greater degree. We encourage you to face what’s coming up, so that it can be released now. It may feel tough, but the more you can accept it and allow it to transform through non-judgment in a field of self-love, the easier it will be to work through it. We are all being given a cosmic gift at this time! Let’s stay open to the hidden gifts wrapped in the “challenge”!


We want to remind you that there is a very real danger of identifying with the shadow because we have lived in a reality for so long where there has been tremendous suffering. We want to support you in the knowledge that there really are realities beyond all the suffering, but we must actively and consciously let go of all the lower frequencies in order to embrace the opportunity of more positive future realities.

We see people hanging on to suffering because this is a habituated response to life in our phenomenological world. It would seem that so much suffering exists in the outer world that it feels impossible for us to choose something else. However, we are not here to cling on to what we have known, onto what has been a habit.


As we evolve multi-dimensionally, we are here to step into the quantum field in order to choose new realities, without any guilt or excess sadness about leaving behind those who have chosen to stay in the old world paradigm. We must respect their choice as our vibratory levels differentiate, because we must respect our soul paths. We encourage you to take this cosmic opportunity to step into your individuation, into your full self-realisation, and to let go of any loyalty you have to the realms of suffering. This does not mean to lose your compassion. It simply means you no longer resonate with others through a shared vibration of suffering.

Bit by bit we are building our New Earth Bodies by dissolving our shadows and consciously embracing the new light. It is wise to be patient and to trust in our body’s adaptive and transformative power. Don’t resist the new codes coming in, but open to them, knowing that this is exactly what we are here for. We are anchoring a radically new state of consciousness as we dissolve limited, old paradigms in our lives.


We encourage you to be blissiplined about your meditation practices and to check in with yourself every day! We cannot do the work that is required if we are not taking the necessary time to be with ourselves, observing what is happening from within. You are your own master, but you need to meet your inner master in the inner realms, which is only possible when you make quiet time and space for yourself to MEET YOURSELF, and to embrace everything that is happening within you.


The current-day adventure is to make a new habit of empowering what is happening on the inside rather than giving excessive attention to what is happening on the outside. We have been taught the opposite in our cultures, and this is a new (or very old and forgotten) lense that we must re-appropriate.

Our interaction with the quantum field, where infinite possibility lies, can only happen through the inner planes of existence.


Memories of the fall of Atlantis have been activated in many people at this time of transition. These memories can lead to emotions like depression, anger, fear, despair, and the feeling that we are not going to succeed in this collective transition.

It’s important to know that the decision to move into an Age of Love has already been made in the higher realms. There are enormous numbers of light workers, both in the physical and subtle realms, that have participated in accelerating this transition so that the Golden Age is ushered in. So many members of our soul family and galactic family are here to support this great transition period from the Age of Darkness, through the Age of Light, to the Age of Love! 


It is definitely time now to tend consciously to our inner solarisation. Various qualities of light are available to us, including that of the White-Gold Solar Ray. Present-day science informs us that 99% of all light is beyond the visible light spectrum, and yet, though not seen to our physical eyes, these light frequencies are available to us for inner solarising processes, allowing us to integrate higher levels of intelligence.