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Heart and Handmade Xrysma perfumes and anointing oils. Remembered and made by Aionia – initiatic name received by Petra Maria – with high quality organic essential oils, mineral stones and dried natural elements collected in the region of Vézelay – France.


Mary Magdalene is one of the most known myrrophores. During a work with her, Aïonia’s past as a myrrhophore was unveiled. She had a great remembering from the ancient mystery schools about the alchemy and wisdom of Xrysma.

Xrysma dates to pre-Egyptian times. It is an anointing oil co-created by initiates that hold the wisdom of the Heart and the spirit of Ascension.

Xrysma is a celestial medicine that works on a soul & spirit level. The essence of the minerals, oils and plants is alchemized with energies from the celestial realms to create a perfume like none other. Xrysma is the product of divine alchemy between Gaia’s gifts, the light realms and Divine Love and Light from the Great Central Sun.

 Being in the Heart is a shift to a higher vibration


 Prayer to connect with the spirit of the Xrysma

I pray to be blessed with your presence
Awaken me to my true name
Let me be a servant for the highest good
Encourage me when I have doubts
me from living in illusion
Let me be the I AM
I am you, I am ONE





To alchemically create Xrysma, I use a ceremony, meditation and prayer to align with the infinite intelligence of the universe. Xrysma is co-created in the divine presence of light beings, elementals, the plant kingdom and others who guide me.

Xrysma is used in essences, perfumes, body care products and ambient scents, which hold and embody the intention of the creation.



Xrysma supports you in your ascension process by raising your frequency to your next highest potential. The unique vibrations of Xrysma products guide and support you through healing and re-alignment with your true soul essence.

These are heart empowering blends for everyone, no matter what field of life you are in.



Xrysma is a blend of oil and high quality organic etheric oils. Each blend is a unique mixture of fragrances. In addition to these beautiful fragrances, Xrysma’s alchemical energy transmits intelligence and frequency patterns.



Xrysma anointing oil is a living fluid frequency created in ceremonial alchemy. Its incredible intelligence and intention is transfered into your consciousness when you smell and apply it. It helps you remember who you are, it heals you, it re-aligns you with your true soul essence. It nourishes you, encourages you, and cares for you as you walk your personal journey and express the highest purpose of your life.


Xrysma always helps you manifest what you are longing for in the divine space of the Heart. Miracles do happen once you are in touch with your personal essence and your next highest divine potential. These creations are aligned with the pure rays of the realms of the flowers, plants, trees and minerals.

I wish you a joyous journey back to your True Self.

Aionia – Petra Maria

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