Shared Illumination

We are undergoing such an intense collective transformation process! In this tremendous time of light activation on our planet, the light is being shone on the shadow realms and the shadow creation like never before. As with any level of transformational work, our awareness of the cause of suffering is already a big step towards complete healing. Each one of us holds the key to illumination through our inner awakening process. Consciousness of our creative potential and divine light and sovereignty is emerging ever more strongly. The enormous human potential that is being liberated is the promise of this time!

We have been noticing that more and more people are living from the space of their hearts, which is the greatest necessary step in our awakening process. Because of this shift, we are naturally evolving into what Sri Aurobindo terms the supra-mental field – this is to say, the consciousness where the Divine Mind and the Divine Heart are One. This is an informational field so vast that it is unmappable, and it can only be accessed through the Sacred Space of the Heart. It is a field in which we are all connected through inherent benevolence, in which the infinite and the finite, the timeless and the temporal, stillness and action, silence and turmoil, all exist simultaneously. It is a space in which the two have merged and have alchemically transformed into One. It is Oneness Consciousness.

Through this field of Oneness, we are Spirit and we live in service to Divine Will. We communicate our needs through this field and we receive, download, and integrate the information, codes, templates, or keys that are relevant for illuminating our journey in this physical realm. Aurobindo wrote that matter is a sleeping divinity; the Vedas called matter a lost, buried sun. The exercise of humanity over the last 70 years has been to tap into the supra-mental field, the Oneness Consciousness, to awaken the light that is deeply locked in matter.

Oneness Consciousness

Oneness Consciousness is the key to transforming the physical body and to changing the consciousness of the physical world. As we integrate new codes of consciousness, our light body fully merges with our physical structure so that ever-higher frequencies of light become the guiding intelligence of our physical temple. In other words, the physical body is sublimated into a higher frequency resonance. With this process of shifting to a higher frequency, our imagination starts to reflect this consciousness, and all that we begin to manifest will reflect this field of Oneness Consciousness.

It is through the human embodiment that we fully inhabit the world and its energetic field while simultaneously being fully outside of the world. We are the cosmic particles that contain the whole universe that unfolds in our perception of reality and therefore into manifestation of New Earth. The microcosm lives in the macrocosm and visa versa – as ONE. What lives in One, lives in All.

In this field, we are all ONE co-creative organism of constant movement, constant unfolding… The field is ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-nourishing. Actions arise naturally and spontaneously, and our human activity changes from a perceived individual activity to a vastly dynamic unified field of activity that is inspiring and nourishing, both for ourselves and for others.

Mutual Illumination

In this field, we can hold a YES and NO simultaneously, because we are able to unify polar opposites. This is a field beyond opinions, which are generated by the lower mind. When we exchange from the space of One, we share what we see, sense or feel, in order to bring in the perspective running through us at any moment in time – the purpose being to illuminate the present moment.

“Opinion” often leads to division – each walks away with his or her “opinion”. This exchange of opinion is an exchange through the space of the lower mind. There is another way – where we engage from the higher mind in a query or exploration, incorporating the present wisdom running through each and everyone, to bring illumination and a new level of understanding.

“Opinion” as it currently exists, allows two people to separate ways without illumination, each simply walking away with the viewpoint s/he had, without the gift of collective movement to an expanded consciousness. This way of interacting will shift in the future as we seek to be nourished by the higher wisdom running through each individual, thus mutually enhancing a field of insight.

What is said about the Kali Yuga is that it is one of the deep tests for old souls to incarnate at a time of ultimate destruction. It is a privilege to be at the edge of consciousness, the edge of expansion, to learn about reality at this time. And it is an incredible gift to see that the Oneness Consciousness is being accessed by an ever-growing number of divine human beings on this planet. The New Earth will be built through this consciousness, and this is only just the beginning.

Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen
Mary Magdalene’s School