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Vézelay (Burgundy – France)

Vézelay, or Eternal Hill, is a sacred portal overlit by the presence of Mary Magdalene. It is a beautiful channel of light in the exquisite countryside of Burgundy. Imagine how this millennial sacred portal, and the surrounding sacred sites and waters, nourish your spirit and every cell of your body!

This is a place to come HOME, to feel resonance inside our deepest being!

Retreats & Gatherings

Several times a year, Mary Magdalene’s School organizes international retreats in Vézelay, for those who are committed to creating a New Earth. In these retreats, under the guidance of Mary Magdalene, we work with ascended masters, with our galactic light family, our inner earth family and with various realms of elemental beings.

The gatherings have various themes, depending on the present-moment calling. Past retreats have focussed on journeys into the Heart; connecting to the Consciousness held by Mary Magdalene; remembering the power of ritual and ceremony; awakening the Christ consciousness codes in the region by connecting to the timeline of King Arthur and the Priestess Healers who lived in Avallon-Vézelay; and purifying the waters and re-connecting with their original memory.

Working with Anna & Petra in Vézelay

Anna and Petra often work in this region with the portals and waters. The region has a long and profound history of spiritual schools. The Avallon Druid School, for example, was of international re-known. The region has many sacred natural sites, often off the beaten trail, where the druids worked, as well as a center for Women Healers who worked with Venus, the Goddess Diana, and the Sacred Healing Waters. The Etheric Venus Rose-Gold Temple awaits you here! Scattered throughout the territory were monasteries highly esteemed for their learning. The Templars, many of them Cathars dedicated to the House of Migdalah, originated in this region.

This land is now awakening and inviting us to deepen our spiritual connection to and awareness of not only times past, but also to the new information coming in through the Vézelay Galactic and Inner Earth portal. The Basilica of Mary Magdalene at the top of Scorpion Hill awaits you, with its extraordinary crypt encoded with Unity Consciousness codes.

Gathering of the Heart Community

Every retreat and gathering is one of soul family that resonates with the Magdalene Way – with the Path of Love, the Path of Unity!

“WelCome Cathars, Essenes, Priests and Priestesses, Druids, Shamans, Yogis and Mystics! It is time to gather as a community of the One Heart!”

These retreats and gatherings are life-altering events. Participants often say that their consciousness underwent a significant change, with a new perception needing to be integrated into their daily lives. When we gather in a group for several days with a specific intention to heal and shift consciousness, the effects are deeply transformational. We can never imagine beforehand what kind of shift awaits us on a personal / collective level, or on an emotional, mental, physical or soul level. The collective alchemy plunges us into the Great Mystery, and when we re-emerge we are significantly and permanently changed.

One thing is definitely certain – we can expect the unexpected! The only thing we know for sure is that miracles await! The retreats have a fluid structure in order to accommodate a real-time group dynamic and in order to be of service to the calling.

“When I climbed “the Eternal Hill of Vézelay” (La Colline Eternelle) for the first time in 2000, I was deeply touched by this precious power spot in Burgundy. It is a place with a rich history of pilgrimage and spirituality and has attracted many people over the centuries. The loving presence of Mary Magdalene and her beloved Yeshua are felt by all, independent of one’s religious background. This is a place of purity of Love and Light that can only be experienced in your heart. Since the year 2000, I visited this magical place many, many times, and eventually it became my home. I invite people from around the world to discover this place where they say that heaven touches the earth, to allow the inspiration to touch your heart so deeply you will remember who you truly are.

– Petra & Vézelay

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