A holistic exploration and spiritual revelation for finding new ways of living on Earth

We are an international network of spiritual teachers, researchers, students and participants committed to the revelation and manifestation of the New Earth through connection to our True Essence. From the field of unlimited potential, we bring new understandings and manifestations to the Earth Plane. Within the MM School we define research as an area of holistic exploration of spiritual revelation and experiences in the subtle realms. We encourage deep contemplation and study of spiritual experiences, in order to find new ways of living on Earth and understanding the reality we live in.

We work with the spiritual sciences of Mystery Schools, with the human body and the consciousness of Gaia, with quantum physics, stargates and sacred portals. We do research with the many, abundant tools available to us today to remember how to peacefully inhabit the Earth. We are dedicated to processes that reveal and anchor life in Love, Harmony, Peace, Balance, Respect, Honesty, Transparency, Creativity and Joy.


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