Re-Connection in the Network




The calling that came in this week was – RE-CONNECTION! We are all being asked, very strongly, to reconnect to Truth at all levels of our being!  We are divine beings, and our work is to bring our heart-soul creations into the material world. It is time for us to dissolve all false beliefs about our limitations.  

Oneness is not just an idea. It IS our deepest reality.

It is important to strengthen the network with its power of love and light. We are asked to build up the collective power of lightworkers – magnifying our presence through daily meditation. The light network requires a deepening and broadening of love and light in order to enter the next phase of our collective work.

Once this new breadth and cohesion is attained in the collective field, it will be possible for us to:

1) receive the grace of the Twin Ray – Oneness Ray consciousness in a widespread sweep across the Earth reality and

2) experience the move of a critical mass of the human population to the next level of consciousness. 

In order that this happen, we need enough people to be able to hold the necessary light frequencies through an ever-deepening connection to the Grid of Life. This will amplify the unified consciousness field, which will in turn contribute to the deeper awakening of the human population.

We are both the microcosm and the macrocosm

We are asked to be fully awake and aware of our own existence, and to examine again and again if we hold false beliefs of separation and limitation. We need to develop radical honesty with ourselves and with all that comes into our field. The next step in the ascension process is a move to complete transparency, pureness and nakedness, all of which are foundational stones for the Field of Oneness.  We need to remember that this is a reconnection with the very deep essence of who we truly are – beautiful divine beings of love and light.

Prepare yourself for full transparency!

Ask yourself in meditation or in a contemplative state:

  • Where do I feel disconnected? In my relationships? In my work? In relation to myself – my body, my thoughts, my emotions? In relation to animals? Plants? Stars?
  • Do I feel any part of my life as soul-less?
  • What false beliefs do I keep alive?
  • In which areas am I still separating myself from Source’s abundance?
  • What thought patterns do I hold that are anti-life? Patterns that dishonor the sacredness of all life on Earth and in our Universe?
  • Am I still doing something in my life that empowers anti-life forces?
  • What is it that I am doing and how can I stop putting my energy there, in order to align fully with the sacredness of my soul path and the truth of my divine sovereignty?
  • Are there any parts of my life not aligned with the Divine Truth?
  • Do I consider my body as my sacred partner on this Earth journey?
  • Do I listen to the wisdom of my body for discerning Truth and navigating this reality?

We all have our own ways of connecting to the heart, to the field of Unity, to the Source in the deepest part of our being. We all have our own ways to transmute what is in the way of our freedom. Choose your own way and release all that is holding you back from RE-CONNECTING with the Web of Love.

We pray for the graceful individuation

of each and every divine being

We honor the soul journey of each and every one of you

And pray that you walk in inner dignity and truth


We send you our blessings and bow in gratitude for your presence.


Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School