The Isis Solar Healing Codes

The Isis Solar Healing Codes

Isis, emanation of the Divine Mother, has been strongly inviting us to connect to her, to her wisdom, and to her teachings. In this very potent time, the channel to her is amplified so that we can benefit from her guidance and solar light through a resonant field. She is asking us to remember ancient wisdom teachings, which will support the liberation of our consciousness.

That’s why we would love for you to join us!

The Isis Solar Healing Codes

This program brings you xxx.

Isis is an ascended master and Egyptian goddess of Motherhood and fertility. Some call her the goddess of 10,000 names, as she is a face of the Divine Mother. Isis came to us in the summer of 2021, stating clearly that at this time she needed to be recognized, that she had left codes in the systems of many people who had worked with her in other timelines, and that it was time to fully activate these codes, so that these Ones could bring her consciousness into the world again at this time.

The Isis temples in Egypt were sacred places for the Mystery schools at the time to hold ceremony and to initiate novices. Mary Magdalene and many members of the Holy Family and the Essene community received their schooling and initiations in these Temples (and other places around the world). Through these initiations they were schooled in the Kundalini and DNA activation work to re-awaken their Original Divine State. They have kept the memory alive of the Life Force, the Source that has no name, the Sophia Christos, the Creation of Creations.


Isis is the master of various spiritual tools connected to the Solar – Earth consciousness.

She is a Divine Goddess, a High Priestess and an embodiment of the Divine Mother. 

She has come into the field to rise through the consciousness of many, and to invite many in these times to become consciousness of her incarnations on Earth. She brings us the wisdom of wholeness, initiating us back into wholeness from separation and scatteredness. She holds wisdom about Eternal Life and Resurrection principles on Earth, and as guide and divine role model for the Divine Feminine, she supports us in becoming whole in ourselves. She guides us to activate the Vital Solar Force of All Life on Earth inside of us and in the outer world.

She has returned in a new way because it is time for her intelligence to be brought into the modern world by those who hold her codes, her resonance, and her teachings. By those who feel this calling, by those who remember their promise to now fulfill the prophecy of the Golden Times.

We will align with the wisdom of Isis in August, culminating with her birthday on August 12! For this occasion, we are offering a set of Inner Journeys:

The Isis Solar Codes program will run from August 8-12 and consists of 1 Global Live Transmission, 3 Pre-Recorded Transmissions + 1 LIVE ZOOM session with Petra & Anna on August 12.

The Isis Solar Healing Codes

€144.00 incl. VAT

This set of Inner Journeys guides you through a series of healings, alchemical activations, and harmonization processes, in order to align with the Oneness of Life and with the natural expression of your divinity. You will travel to a Temple of Isis in Egypt, to an Egyptian Solar Temple of Union, and you will meet priests & priestesses of Isis, who along with many other light beings, support your ascension into Sophia Christ Consciousness.

  • 8 th of August: Global Live Transmission Lion’s Gate
  • 9 th of August: Golden Race DNA Activation: Full Activation of the Double Helix Golden Light Strands
  • 10 th of August: Journey to the Temple of Isis, Luxor
  • 11 th of August: Opening Crystalline Time Capsules: Harmonization Frequencies of Isis
  • 12 th of August: Live ZOOM Transmission with Anna & Petra at 20h (8PM) Paris time (will also be recorded for those unable to attend in real time).

This set of transmissions will be available to you for a period of 2 years, which allows
you to work more deeply with the codes over a longer period of time.

All of these transmissions are being made available to humanity at a time of the awakening of the Divine Feminine, a time when the teachings of the masters are being made accessible to more than just a few initiates of the hidden mysteries.

You are invited to say YES to your own mastery through this process!

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