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New Frontier Workshop -Galactic Citizenship

This workshop series shares new revelations and teachings about the awakening of the galactic and cosmic human on earth. We will share new guidance that we have received from the light realms, as well as Mary Magdalene’s broader history, as a cosmic master being of light.

As human beings, we are moving into our next level of incarnation. Because of the higher light frequency influxes and the never-before seen acceleration of consciousness on Gaia, our understanding of ourselves and our place in our galaxy and cosmos is changing.

In this workshop, we will share our latest understandings on the following topics:

  • Role of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua from a Galactic Perspective
  • Galactic DNA Awakening
  • Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Citizenship
  • One Heart Civilisation
  • Resonance as a New Creative Norm
  • Dimensions

PART I at April 8 will be in the form of a pre-recorded webinar

PART II at April 11 will be in the form of an interactive webinar, where you will be able to share your questions with Petra & Anna, as well as your comments and experiences with the other participants.

Look at our website for more information.