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Mary Magdalene’s Re-enchantment of the Sacred Sources – Live Retreat Vézelay

In this relaxed, fun, summer-paced gathering, we invite each of you to bring and share your gifts!

We will explore and communicate with Water Sources in King Arthur’s Avallon! The Sacred Waters signal us to come to them, as they hold the eternal memory of Paradise. We were asked by Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, to purify and to revivify 27 sources in the region. Mary Magdalene, Guardian of The Sacred Waters, will guide us in this purification work through the 6th dimension, sacred geometry.

Though many sacred sources and portals call us, our program will be decided in the present moment; we will allow it to reveal itself through the space of the One Heart, in a balance between group and individual exploration. Every day we will gather for 4-5 hours for a collective program, leaving ample free time to discover the region at your own pace. Our time together will include the Festivity of Mary Magdalene on July 22nd.


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