Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.


Xrysma Elixer: “Source Blessings”


This Xrysma is channeled in the divine presence of Mary Magdalene (keeper of the Universal Waters) and the Water elementals and living beings.


It holds the Remembrance of Paradise on Earth since the Beginning of all times. This Xrysma is made for those who are ready to work with the sacred waters to a whole new level of understanding.

This Xrysma perfume Water connects you with this element in all of creation. It re awakens the true essence of this element and the elemental wisdom. It re-activates your inner “water”, it remembers your true blueprint.

Mary Magdalene

“Human beings are Water beings, you are Water and the memory of the perfect creation lies in the DNA of our Water planet and all living creatures. It re-awakens the true essence of this element and it’s wisdom. It re-activates your inner “water”, the Source of Unity and the Remembrance of Life.”

This Xrysma Source Blessings connects you with the water element in all of creation.”

Water is the element of connection with all of life. Water is a living element. It holds the codes of our life, true life which is encoded as of the first days of our earth with the solar spirit of the Great central sun and holds universal information to hold all life on earth vital and whole.

This Xrysma holds the code of PURE water that supports humans to remember the holy essence (encoded information) of water on earth and therefor in all living beings.

Water is the element of flowing purification, to be in the flow of life, being the waters in all of our awareness. Water is connection on all levels of existence and interaction, heart to heart, empathy, feeling, bringing fertility into the earth element and all material forms on earth. It symbolizes our Home, our inner, infinite depths and the infinite seas of creation in which we swim.

The Xrysma Source Blessings remembers, activates and increases the inner water consciousness in oneself.

It gives you support to (re-)connect with the coding of Life. To stand up as the protector of all waters because you know “pure waters is life, poisoned water is death”. It remembers the waters of Birth in your life and on earth in general.

It stimulates to walk the Way of Love in connection with your own heart and the heart of co-travellers, it increases your empathetic qualities, it spreads love like the rain spreads it’s drops from heaven all over the earth. It increases your connection to all living beings in the seen and less-seen world including elementals. It reminds you of your true home, your place of origin.

This encompassing fragrance allows you to activate the full spectrum of the memory of Universal Water.








Water planet

Paradisical codes

Flow of Life

Prayer to the Source of Universal Waters

I pray to be baptised in by your essence
To receive the Holy Spirit

From the divine Source of Creation
I will remember and connect

To the Flow of lIfe
To remember my soul’s journey

To bless and honour the sacred Waters
To protect Water planet Earth

I am You, I am the Universal Waters
I AM blessed to receive the pearls of paradise


The Xrysma can be used during meditation for and with the Waters of the Earth; for ceremonial work with Water; for inner revelation of your inner Water wisdom and: anywhere your intuition is guiding you to co-work with the spirit of this Xrysma. The Xrysma holds a blend of plants and minerals that together will connect with your Lightbody in an alchemical way that is guided by Mary Magdalene and other Light beings.


Coconutoil (fractionated), Neroli, Mimosa, Verveine, Fir, Lavender, Cypres, Tarragon, Camomile, Grapefruit, Fennel, Pineapple, Eucalyptus.


10ml roll on bottle in bag plus the Xrysma prayer (PDF via E-mail) to use with the Xrysma. With the Xrysma comes an explanation on the full channeled insights of this Xrysma (via E-mail).

Products should be used within 12 months.

Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.

Handmade in Vézelay (France) by Xrysma Perfumes – Naturemade, hand crafted


Let Xrysma Elixer: “Source Blessings” re-activate your inner “water”