Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.


Xrysma – Sophia


This Xrysma is channeled in the divine presence of Sophia.

Sophia. She is who we are born from. She conceived your soul in the center of her infinite womb. Sophia is the Source. She conceived the One source Light from which all the worlds of form arise. The ONE divine Mother, Creatrix of all Life. She who is the Sophia Christ consiousness, the divine feminine Christ. Never ending Love and Light. She is every name of God and she is beyond any name. Any title given to her is pointing at a divine quality. She is called “The Source”, “The Sophia” and “She who has no name” for she is that which is in all names: I am that I am, and your soul is an immaculate conception of all that she is.

She is PEACE. The Queen of Life, she IS. When she opens up to receive and gives life, peace is in all of us. In the grace of Sophia we are being initiated into our sovereign ability to create Heaven on Earth by embodying the frequency of our divinity. She has gifted us with the Rainbow body of eternity.

Radiant from her etheric presence she reigns from the ONE heart. She is the ever loving Presence. She is the divinity of the feminine Christ on earth and angelic realms. She lives in the aura of the enlightened divine feminine of all species, goddesses and gods.

She remembers and re-activates our Rainbow Consiousness. She is the source of the High council of Ascended Masters from across the cosmos, also known as the Sophia Dragon Tribe . She is the one unified field of consiousness living every step of your life with you as you decide to step into the ineffable mystery of her Heart.

She is Life as she gives Life to Gaya and it’s inhabitants. She is the Tree of Life, pure Goddess, Gold and White: Pearlescent Sophia born in every single woman and man; keepers of Life.

She reminds us to complete the prophecies of the Golden Age. In her immeasurable tender softness and vastness we are all held in her arms. She invites you to step into her presence and remember the ineffable mystery of All Life.

She shows us to be divine and royal from our sacred Heart, to remember our TRUE heritage, our True name, our true Body sparkling in rainbow colors, given by the Source of all Life. She sets your Heart free to fly in your Way of your own sovereign divinity.

“Reach out, Ask and it will be given”. You are here to birth miracles and honour divinity in all of life on earth and beyond.
I AM SOPHIA. I bring eternal peace to all.
Through me one is guided to stand up and to be in the true name of I AM.”

This deep rooted fragrance allows one to awaken into the divine feminine in it’s full true, pearlescent-rainbow radiance. It invites one to awaken to the I AM consciousness of ONE.


Remembrance of true heritage
Divine be-ing of ONE

Divine Mother God
Pearlescent White and Gold
Rainbow body conscience
Eternal Peace

Step into the Light
Awaken your Sophia awareness, the oracle from the Heart

Prayer to Sophia

Sprinkle me with the pearls of your white-golden Light
Fly with me on the twirling winds of your creation
Remind me of divine receptivity
Remembrance of your womb
So I receive my miracles consiously and
Be of service to the Way of Love

Hold my eternal hand
When you whisper truth
In the sacred chamber of my Heart
when Grace is poured into me
I remember I am consiousness
I am whole in your divine essence

And when I awake in your full presence
When I remember my sovereignity
When I surrender into your stillness
When I know: it is fullfilled

I love you
I am free
You are me
We are One

I bless you in the name that has no name
I bless me in the name that has no name

I am that I am


Apply the Xrysma perfume while you focus on your Heart’s longing for the presence of Sophia “I am that I am”. Focus on the stillness of the infinite womb you were born in and remember the prophecies, the soul contract(s) and what is arising as the next great asking to be born. Remember you are the unique, divine sequence of the immaculate be-ing called Sophia. In your divine and royal blue-print you are a sovereign expression of Sophia. Remember your name ( and tribe) of origin.


Coconutoil (fractionated), Frankincense, Myrrh, Mysore, Galbanum, Lemon, Jasmin, Geranium, Calendula.


10ml roll on bottle in bag plus the Xrysma prayer (PDF via E-mail) to use with the Xrysma. With the Xrysma comes an explanation on the full channeled insights of this Xrysma (via E-mail).

Products should be used within 12 months.

Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.

Handmade in Vézelay (France) by Xrysma Perfumes – Naturemade, hand crafted 

Xrysma – Sophia