Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.


Xrysma – Quan Yin


This Xrysma is channeled in the divine presence of the Quan Yin energy:

She is The One goddess of mercy with a Motherly Compassion, She who Hears the Cries of the People. She is fiercely loving and there for you when in need of protection. Her heart is full of deep compassion and unconditional love; her energy is God-like. She will give you inner strength when you are in times of concerns, troubles, or worries. She is always there for you to go to her motherly and all-powerful energy. She answers every prayer sent her way.

She remembers you that you are beloved, that you are divine so you can remember your inner strengt hand infinite potential in this creation. She has chosen to remain in the earth’s realms until every one of us becomes enlightened.

She guides you to fully open up to your spiritual being and gifts, to attain profound knowledge of the heart and enlightenment, and to reduce world suffering.

She teaches you to practice a life of harmlessness, using great care to ease suffering in the world and not add to it in any way. She whispers with the utmost tenderness, she shows her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness.

In connecting with her, you open these gates of pure love into yourself. It fills you with great gratitude for the gift of your life.

When you use the Xrysma of Quan Yin (e.g. in meditation) you can bring anything you want to dissolve from your life into her Violet flame of transmutation (from which Saint Germain is the keeper). The Xrysma will stimulate the transmutation process with you. The violet flame cleans and purifies you on all levels (fysical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Visualise the violet flame and bring anything to dissolve into it’s royal presence. Allow the mercyful, healing power of Quan Yin to be in your presence with her gentle approach. Allow the healing to gently come to you as a lotus flower floats upon the currents of water amidst a gentle breeze. Strive, but not with hurry—enjoy the process upon which you embark. Know that each step along the way is akin to a party—a celebration of movement, which is itself a miracle.

Deep belonging to All and connection is her gift.

“Sit with me in divine faith and believe in me and I’ll be there. Remember, I am here for all beings until the last soul passes off the earth”



Unconditional love

Transmutation of Violet flame

Prayer to Quan Yin

Goddess of mercy
You know me
You love me unconcitionally

Learn me to live your way
Guide me when I am in doubt and pain
To the enlightened state of Love

Learn me to appreciate the godliness in me
With compassion and reassurance
Let me laugh, grow, and learn

Share your wisdom for eternal truth with me
So I can drink from the source of Life
Let happiness come galopping towards me

I am fully open up to your spiritual being and gifts
of the heart and soul of enlightenment
I am a servant on earth to reduce world suffering.


Apply the Xrysma perfume while you focus on your Heart’s longing for the presence of Quan Yin’s Love and Compassion. Focus on her unconditional love while remembering our own blueprint of love and light. Allow full transmutation in the violet flame of anything you want to dissolve from your life. Ask her for wisdom on certain situation where you are locked in. Ask her for her support. Speak your individual prayer to her who is always there for you.


Coconutoil (fractionated), Jasmin, Lavender, Cederwood, Vetiver, Laurier, Rose, Grenade, Nard, Coco, Benzoe.


10ml roll on bottle in bag plus the Xrysma prayer (PDF via E-mail) to use with the Xrysma. With the Xrysma comes an explanation on the full channeled insights of this Xrysma (via E-mail).

Products should be used within 12 months.

Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.

Handmade in Vézelay (France) by Xrysma Perfumes – Naturemade, hand crafted 

Xrysma – Quan Yin