Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.


Xrysma – Golden Solar


This Xrysma reflects the inner radiance of the Golden Sun; the Solar Christ Consciousness.

It holds the codes for divine union by bringing in the golden Christed plasma, eternal life, through golden Light. It embodies Father divine, brings the energy of the divine masculin, the yang, the rising, the active presence of the I AM. It empowers you to stand up in your truth, speak your truth, be your truth in the most sovereign way.

It remembers us that we are the Children of the Light, the Central Sun, RA. We are the Godself. It activates the memory of the Golden Age, the memory of becoming ONE, that was ever present in our DNA and ready to be fully awakened. If you are ready to fuse the Christed Light with the Sophia principle, ask for this to happen in divine timing.

Golden Solar Xrysma activates the union within ourSelf. It opens dormant parts in you that are ready to receive this Light intelligence. It activates your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and invites you to integrate any thing that is not aligned with your True Self. 

When the Solar Christed Consciousness is fully embodied, this is the state of full individuation, a state of harmony within.

This Golden plasma Light within this Xrysma holds the essence of Unity Consciousness through the Way of Love. It is only through unconditional Love that this sacred union arises. This Xrysma holds the promise that when it is meant to be and you are aligned with your soul plan sacred union will be within you.

This Xrysma is blessed and channeled in the divine presence of the spirit of the Central Sun and the presence of RA.

Note: Xrysma Golden Solar is recommended to use in harmony with Xrysma Silver Moon, the feminine principle of the Sacred Union. 


I Am


Christed Solar



Children of the Light




Prayer to father Sun

I ask for guidance
In the Light of the eternal Sun 

I pray to receive the golden Light 
Into my Earth’s bodies

May it empower me from within
To rise, to stand up, to be

I pray for the Golden Light
To enlighten my inner sun

To remember my being
My sovereignty

Let it shine it’s rays upon my face
To surround me and warm me when it is cold

May it bring Light to all living beings on Earth
So any wall is melting down and Love is revealed.

May the essence of the Sun bring us it’s wisdom
And activation in our true being.

I feel the rythm of the universal heart beat
That reflects in my inner Moon

I pray for deep connection
With you, my golden, father Sun: RA



Apply the Xrysma perfume while you focus on your Heart’s longing for the presence of the Golden Solar principle. “Ask for his presence and it will be given” . Receive his unconditional love and wisdom of the Golden Christen Light. In his golden Ray you remember your Life’s essence and you know you are unique deeply beloved.


Coconutoil (fractionated), Myrrh, Nard, Benzoe, Ginger, Cedarwood, Lotus, Mimosa, Orange, Amyris, Cypres, Jasmin 

22 Karat Gold flakes

Stones: Citrine, Rhine stone.


10ml roll on bottle in bag plus the Xrysma prayer (PDF via E-mail) to use with the Xrysma. With the Xrysma comes an explanation on the full channeled insights of this Xrysma (via E-mail).

Products should be used within 12 months.

Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.

Handmade in Vézelay (France) by Xrysma Perfumes – Naturemade, hand crafted 

Xrysma – Golden Solar