Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.


Xrysma – 3 Maria’s


This Xrysma is blessed and channeled in the divine presence of the Three Maria’s.

This Xrysma carries the blessings of the three Maria’s; high initiates of the Way of Oneness. This Xrysma supports any process of initiation into One’s highest potential. It opens up to your Life’s purpose to remember, to recognise, to surrender and to be as you are meant to be. It awakens you into higher consciousness in your own divine timing, orchestrated by your Higher Self.

It represents the Wisdom of the Christ consciousness and the Sophia Creator codings. As the three Maria’s the Xrysma will guide you on your Heart’s path to places in the fysical and the etherical realms where you are called to go. They will guide you to your treasure of fulfilment. They will give you direction when you are in doubt of the path you are taking.

The Xrysma holds a frequency from the Light realms and is guiding, empowering, releasing of old patterns, encompassing, loving and brings clarity.

Once the way is found it encourages you to reach out to others, to share from your source of wisdom and compassion.
In this unique perfume you will discover the intelligence of Her who lived in service for the higher good and lived all facets of Life on Earth.



Releasing old patterns

Wisdom of Life’s path

Prayer to the 3 Maria’s

Blessed you are
Goddesses of Oneness

Guide me with your wisdom
So I Live in Service of the Way of Love

I thank you for being in my field
With devotion and compassion

I open up to your guidance
to receive the revelation of my soul

I pray for your presence
In my life’s journey

I listen to your guidance for my way
forward in humility to Creator’s splendour.

I pray for all of humanity
To live the perfection of paradise on earth.


Apply the Xrysma perfume while you focus on your Heart’s longing for the presence of the Three Maria’s. Allow them to come forward in their full priestesshood as embodiments of the Divine Mother. In their presence you will receive all codes you are ready to download in your system. Your frequency will rise when aligning with their message of “Service and Gratefullness”. Your way will be revealed in the spave of your Heart. Peace arises from within.


Coconutoil (fractionated), Cherry Blossom, Honeysuckle, Vetiver, Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, Violet leaves, Laurier, Cypress, Orange, Oregano,


10ml roll on bottle in bag plus the Xrysma prayer (PDF via E-mail) to use with the Xrysma. With the Xrysma comes an explanation on the full channeled insights of this Xrysma (via E-mail).

Products should be used within 12 months.

Note: while we work with natural and seasonal products, the products can differ from colour, scent and look. It’s intention remains always in tact.

Handmade in Vézelay (France) by Xrysma Perfumes – Naturemade, hand crafted 

Xrysma – 3 Maria’s