Peace Templates for a New Civilisation
Initiatic Workshop – Spiritual Tools for the New Earth

Anchoring New Spiritual Technologies into our World

Explorations of higher frequency realities give us spiritual tools that we can apply to our day-to-day lives. It often takes time to integrate these realities that exist on various vibrational levels, however the intention is to bring these higher levels of consciousness into the reality in which we exist.

When we revive ancient and discover new spiritual technologies, we can apply these spiritual tools to our day-to-day lives. This is a way of anchoring them, and to keeping our focus on our inner world even when we are circulating in the outer world. It is a way of unifying the inner & outer realms, rather than keeping them as separate realities. It is, from our point of view, the way to live the inner paradise in all circumstances. And that is how we contribute to the change we want to see in our world! Our state of inner peace and wellbeing inevitably starts to align with those same qualities in our physical manifestation of reality.

When we choose to put our inner state first, and the outer circumstance second, then we move into great mastery of our world experience. The phenomenological world ceases to have the upper hand on our earth walk, as we choose mastery of our inner state of being in all circumstances.

In these times, we are living a Spiritual Rite of Passage, and in this rite of passage we are shown how to align with frequencies of peace within ourselves. We are encoded with Peace. Peace is the essence of our being. When we transmute all the distortions of separation in our psycho-emotional-body systems, we align with not only a collective human journey, but a journey as ONE with ALL CREATION.

Spiritual Tools for the New Earth

The Peace Templates for a New Civilisation are encoded in the DNA of each and every one of us, latent and ready to be switched on at this collective turning point. When activated, these Peace Templates, like pieces of a giant puzzle, reveal the founding stones of a New Civilisation. Each of the pieces is made by Creator, and each of these pieces is essential to the divine plan.  

Throughout this program, we connect to the Codes for the New Civilisation, which have been placed in the human bio-photonic system to be awakened at this time. “Peace and Prosperity for All” is the new template, and soul-based consciousness is the new norm! 

We are the Alchemists of these Templates, as we remember the Universal Laws once again. As we remember, we move into a vibrational reality in which we feel the presence of the Divine Mother and the qualities of safety, gentleness, radiance, heartfulness, inclusivity, joy and love.

What are the new codices? Honesty, transparency, equality, love, peace, oneness, honor, dependability, cosmic consciousness… We are asked to align with underlying energies of coherency, unity, peace, harmony and truth, and to let go of patterns of thinking that may have at one time felt harmonious but are no longer energetically aligned with our higher divine template.

We are in a time of exalting, glorifying spiritual change! It is a time of transfiguration, when we are experiencing the merging consciousness of Gaia, the sun of our solar system, and the Great Central Spiritual Sun, which in our school we call the Sophia Christ Sun.

In the evolutionary process we are in, we are asked to go to the end point of the individuation process, so that the Divine can radiate in as many colours as possible! In our individuation process – the process of deconstructing false & limited conditioning and becoming a pure conduit for Source energies – we must learn to take our place in creation, to allow ourselves to put into the creation that which lives as the deep dream in our heart.

Peace Templates for a New Civilisation

This Workshop Includes:

    • 20 DAYS of content
    • Introductory Video about Mystery Schools
    • Teachings on how to Stay Balanced Through the Transition
    • 5 Pre-Recorded Talks (from the original LIVE program)
    • 5 Transmissions in Audio Format
    • 1 Pre-Recorded Sophia Christ Creation Circle
    • 12 PDFS

PRICING: (incl. VAT)

  • € 299,- 
  • Price for Re-membership members: € 247,-  

This Workshop Will:

Open your awareness to a range of spiritual technologies:


  • The Mandorla of Golden Living Light or Full Body Aureola
  • Vajra Cross
  • Ruby Rose Flame
  • Threefold Flame
  • Green Emerald – Book of Universal Wisdom
  • The Golden Light Body
  • Athanor (Alchemical Oven)
  • The Etheric Holy Womb – Cosmic Creation Point;
  • Atma Sandhana Yoga
  • Sacred Cave of Creation
  • Eye of the Needle
  • Sacred Marriage of the 2 Suns


      Provide you several healing processes and activations


      • Re-Patterning Neurological Networks with Etheric Surgeons
      • Clearing & Activating your Pineal Gland
      • Realigning with your Original Holy Blood
      • Healing in Yeshua’s Chamber
      • Expanding your Ability to Receive Love
      • Forgiveness Processes
      • Activating the Inner Ark of the Covenant
      • Resurrecting the Light of the Sophia Christos

      Shed light on your unique soul blueprint

      Support you in stabilising a higher spiritual perception of reality

      Open pathways to the Libraries of Light

      Provide you with an opportunity to contribute to Peace on Earth

      What Period of Time is Required to do this Initiatic Workshop?

      20 days(!) but your experience with this material will be MUCH deeper if you repeat the contents many times. We have received feedback from people that they have repeated certain transmissions 15 times before feeling that their systems had completely integrated the codes of awakening!

      What People Have Said About this Initiatic Workshop:

      “This Ark of Peace has carried me through some of the most challenging times in my life and in so many ways and is helping to make sense of what otherwise may feel like chaos within and on the outside.” – Maitreya Bodhisattva

      “Thank you to Petra and Anna and all for their beauty and dedication …. Through the period of almost 2 months of which I have been connected, a big transformation has taken place on all levels. Physically my body feels so clean, light and bright with more energy and focus. Even though I am going through a difficult time with very little money, I have still been able to maintain a bright positive outlook on life and have managed to avoid worry. Emotionally I feel a degree of love and joy most days.  My spiritual practice has become more structured and is now done on a daily basis.” – Rosa Maria Khan