Our team is growing!

On the winds of transformation that are blowing us towards new creation, we are so happy to introduce the new, expanding team of Mary Magdalene’s School! We have met many beautiful, remarkable people since we embarked on this journey of consciousness, and we are so grateful that three of these beautiful souls have stepped in to support the evolution of the school!

As our team evolves, our support angel Janneke, who has held so much in the back office since we founded the school 3 years ago, is now moving out of general operations to singularly focus on in-person retreats. In the incredibly intense and fruitful first 3 years, Janneke was a foundational stone in getting the school up and going! We are all so grateful to her commitment of love!

“It has been a great joy to work with Anna & Petra and to create all the wonderful meditations, retreats, workshops, online courses and so much more we did in the last 3 years. And I know for sure that many more wonderful things are coming your way. I really want to thank you for all the love and work we do together to make this world a better place and to live the best version of ourselves this time on earth. With lots of love, Janneke”

At a retreat we held last summer in Vézelay, a call for support was put out to participants and miraculously, two angels stepped forward to offer their help and experience to assist the next phase of evolution of the school!

The first of these angels is Yvonne Verhagen Verlijsdonk from the Netherlands, who has had a connection to our school since its founding. With experience in marketing and growing a business, combined with her desire to help built the New Earth, she now helps us to reach our Soul Family and to grow Mary Magdalene’s School. Yvonne is a mom of 3 growing children, and in her spare time, she loves to grow plants and play the piano. She is studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and growing her own business where she helps people to find happiness www.walkinthewood.nl

The second angel who heard the calling is Laura Vesajoki, originally from Finland and now living in Belgium. Laura supports Mary Magdalene’s School by taking care of various organizational, administrative and communication tasks, which contribute to the smooth running of the school. She is a passionate masseuse and intuitive energy healer who works with her guides to gives healings through the vibration of her voice and treatment of energies in the energy bodies. She recognizes Mary Magdalene as one of her precious guides and is grateful to be able to follow Her Teachings.

Another beautiful meeting took place on our journey to Mount Sinai in Egypt in November 2022, where we had the privilege of spending 8 days at St. Catherine’s Monastery in meditation and prayer, and receiving light codes for the New Era. There, we met Ana Maria Sylvie Rotsaert from Belgium, and we received beautiful signs from the light realms (see the light code shining on AnaMaria at our group meditation in Elijah’s garden underneath Mt. Sinai).

AnaMaria, mother of four daughters and grandmother of one baby girl, is the latest addition to our small inner team. She is taking care of the smooth flow of operations and communications to serve members of the Remembership Community, as well as the greater community. In addition to her service to Mary Magdalene’s School, she has recently founded the NGO World of Love, through which she organizes activities that contribute to expansion of Love and Peace on Gaia. She sings for peace, and brings her healing voice and hands to individuals and groups. 

If you reach out to the school, then know that in these times you will usually be answered by Laura or AnaMaria! (-: 

It is with deep gratitude that we introduce this newly expanded team, who is here to assist the school in serving our global community in a deep and meaningful way. Together, with commitment, focus and great love, we are in service to the expanding Light of Creation. 

See here to meet others who are part of the service of Mary Magdalene’s School. We are looking for more helpers! Click here to see our vacancies.

Thank you for the privilege of working together to usher in the world we dream of!

Many Blessings!

Anna Vanickova & Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School for Remembrance & Unity Consciousness