Online Gatherings

Several times a year, through Online Global Gatherings, we call on all women & men to join us to create a worldwide community of the One Heart. Through our joint consciousness, unconditional love and commitment to peace and harmony with all life, as well as our deep service to the Life Force, we amplify the field of the New Earth.

In this work, we collectively move into the sacred space of the heart. We heal and transmute Old World energies in order to strengthen the consciousness of the New World. We heal inversions of truth in order to fully align with and embody our sovereignty and liberty.

Online Gatherings

When you join an online gathering, you can look forward to:

  • Coming together as a soul family of 144.000
  • Receiving keys to the solar principles
  • High frequency transmissions & downloads
  • Midwifing the birth of a new humanity
  • Witnessing the rise of the Earth Paradise
  • Guidance from Mary Magdalene
  • Questions & Answers
  • Meditations for higher frequency living on Earth
  • Multi-Dimensional journeys with like-minded people
  • Connection, collaboration and sharing

Everyone who feels the calling is welcome to participate in these gatherings! We meet online in private FB groups administrated by Mary Magdalene’s School.

Please look at the calendar for the next Online Global Gathering and subscribe to the newsletter so we can keep you posted.

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