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Meditations, Transmissions and Initiations

led by Anna Vanickova and
Petra van der Linden – Brussen

The meditations we offer are guided, initiatic journeys in which we remember our most original consciousness, our multi-dimensional being, and through which we re-activate innate inner capacities. In these journeys and realms, we discover, remember and heal. We enter the field of miracles and co-create new timelines with Gaia.

The meditation series offer unique, consciousness-expanding healing journeys for alignment with the New Earth Christed Grid. These are not meditations for relaxation. They include journeys to lesser-known earth realms, to etheric healing temples and meetings with very evolved Light Beings. All help to activate your inner light and divinity, as they are encoded with very high frequencies to support your awakening process.

They are transmissions that activate your memory, and they create the ideal conditions to receive initiations on the inner planes.

At Mary Magdalene’s School, we consider meditations to be one tool for re-coding our brain and activating DNA in order to align us with our original blueprint, the blueprint we have been given by Creator. 

The journeying in meditations is not just imaginal, it is real. We enter into special states of consciousness, which have for aeons been cultivated by all spiritual seekers, saints, yogis. Stillness in the mind is the portal that gives us access to what various people call the “God Brain”.

You will find that every time you repeat the meditations, you will have a completely different experience. Often you will hear the meditations in a completely new way, with an entirely new resonance that matches your new state of consciousness. Each repetition will bring a new wave of revelation and will entrain you into the field of miracles in a fresh way.

In addition to these meditation series, we offer Harmonisation Breathing techniques called the Dolphin and Rainbow Body Breathing techniques. Together, these exercises calm your nervous system, dissolve deep heart blockages, and charge your light body with energy.

We are working on making meditations available in Spanish, French and Dutch and hope to have a selection of these in the next year!

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Meditations in English

Meditations – “we are the awaited ones” (ENG)

Meditations – “Revelations of the New Jerusalem” (ENG)

Meditations – “The Great Passage” (ENG)

Meditations – “Breathing technique” (ENG)

Meditations – “Arcturian Healing” (ENG)

Meditations – “the Great Passage Continues” (ENG)

Meditations – “Re-Sourcing the Sacred Wellspring” (ENG)

Meditations – Coronation of the Sacred Masculine (ENG)

Meditations – Consolation series (ENG)

Meditations – The Neo-Lemurian Human & Lion’s Gate (ENG)

Meditations – Reconnecting to Cave Sanctuaries (ENG)

Meditations – Mary Magdalene’s Cave-Life Giving Force (ENG)

Meditations – The Great Re-Genesis

Meditations – Healing the Ancestral Line (ENG)

Meditations – White Gold Temple (ENG)

Meditations – Feminine Christ Consciousness of the White-Gold Ray (ENG)

Re-Connecting to Gaia’s Kingdoms (ENG)

Resurrection the Original Etheric Earth Temples Complexes (ENG)

The Beltane Gateway – The Cosmic Womb & Sacred Sexuality (ENG)

Cosmic Soulstice – The Inner Sophia Christ Awakens (ENG)

Meditations in French

Méditations – La Grande Re-Genèse (FR)

Méditations – Coronation du Masculin Sacre (FR)

Méditations – Techniques de Respiration pour l’harmonisation multidimensionnelle (FR)

Meditations in Spanish

Meditations – El Gran Pasaje Continúa – Conciencia del Rayo Gemelo (ESP)

Meditations – La Gran Re-Génesis (ESP)

Meditations in other languages


Meditationen – Die Große Wiedergeburt 2021 (DE)

Meditazioni – La Grande Ri-Genesi (ITA)

Meditationen – Trost (DE)

The Beltane Gateway – Il Grembo Cosmico e la Sessualità Sacra (ITA)

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