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You are invited to become a member of the school in our year-round online program!

The membership platform is called Mary Magdalene’s Re-membership. This is a place where members meet on a regular basis.

As a member, you have free or discounted access to special meditations, sharing circles, collective spiritual work, questions and answers on personal and collective spiritual processes. You also have access to channelings, articles, conversations, and interviews, which are posted on the School membership FB page.


By stepping into the community of Mary Magdalene’s School you:


Find a community with which to anchor Unity Consciousness

Have a forum in which to ask questions

Receive inspiration and new insights on a regular basis

Develop yourself with and through others

Interact from the Heart Field

Stay connected to the Way of Love

Stay true to the path of Self Realization

Our vision

As sovereign beings, members acknowledge they have an important part to play in this working spiritual community, a community of lightworkers, which is able to focus its intention collectively by listening to the guidance of the heart. Members know they are part of a soul-family whose mission it is to bring love, light and peace to the Earth plane. We do the work of healing ourselves at the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels.  We do this because we understand that change in the outer realms originates from change in the inner realms.

We bring new geometries and frequencies to various areas of the Earth, to support this new phase of Life on Earth. We understand that all which manifests is first created on the energetic planes, in order to reveal itself some times later in the physical reality.



We focus our hearts on unconditional love. We work with many of the higher dimensions and with our galactic community to bring peace and harmony into the Earth matrix. We are also deeply connected to Gaia and in constant communication with her.



         Spending time in Nature
   aligns us with everything
that is truly important




As part of this community, we grow individually and collectively in our understanding and use of creation mechanisms. As we work together, exploring the sacred space of the heart, tiny space of the heart, the universal heart, the sacred womb (both women AND men have one!), the universal womb, the 3rd eye and the kundalini centers, we move individually and collectively into our ever greater potential as Divine Creators on Earth. As we work together, we gain greater and greater understanding of our power to align with the Earth as the paradise it was coded to be.

Collectively, we have the power to create miracles at a planetary level. The challenges in the outer world are the springboard to move into greater spiritual awareness and heart creation. It is time to reconnect individually and collectively to our authenticity and greater power TO DO THE WORK.



We are facing a period of change and opportunities, during which we invite you to wear your crown of love, to awaken to your True Self, to lead from the Heart, and to rest in the ONE. All for the Higher Good of Divine Harmony on Earth.

Some of you might feel this comes with ups-and-downs, moments of great confidence alternating with doubt and even despair. You feel you need your soul-family to connect to, to be able to ask questions and feel supported in your authenticity. You have come to understand that self-realisation is fundamental to your life path.


By stepping into the community of Mary Magdalene’s School you:


Find a community with which to anchor Unity Consciousness

Have a forum in which to ask questions

Receive inspiration and new insights on a regular basis

Develop yourself with and through others

Interact from the Heart Field

Stay connected to the Way of Love

Stay true to the path of Self Realization

This program is a group in Mary Magdalene’s School, with regular meetings on FB, in which soul-family can participate and receive support. This is a community in which like minded-people gather and where different activities are facilitated throughout the year. These activities are always offered in line with the creation of the New Earth and respond to the calling of the present moment.

This membership includes

2-3 x month online gatherings with guided meditations and Q & A

Healing Circles

Spiritual Cafés

First offer for live meditation circles (in the Netherlands and Vézelay, France, as well as sacred  journeys)

Access to live programs (free or with a discount)

Access to on-line programs (free or with a discount)

Access to the unexpected realm of miracles (-:

… whatever will arise

*) when we are travelling, it could occur that we postpone an activity so you will have 2 activities in 1 month

Membership Participation Fee

Monthly : €39,93

(including VAT 21%):

Membership Participation Fee

6 months: € 199,65 

(5 months +1 month free) (including VAT 21%)

Membership Participation Fee

 12 months: € 359,37 

9 months + 3 months free)
(including VAT 21%)

What other people say


“I feel honored to be a part of this School.  I’ve felt the connection with Petra and Anna since I first saw them in a meditation on the school’s FB page.

Since I participate in meditations in the School I have entered the spiritual world more deeply, everything I am is confirmed; when we are in the group I hear experiences and feelings very similar to mine; I feel supported, understood, and I feel that I am not alone.  In many meditations I felt very deep connections with other realms and new openings to the Divine inside me.”

Florina Barbu


To me Petra and Anna are both amazing WONDERful Teachers, Mary Magdalenas themselves in our world today, in the process of transformation individually and collectively. They guide you to connect to Source, to your true self, to learn to go inside and align with and through your heart. To move from the duality consciousness of the mind to the unity consciousness of the heart. By purifying, connecting to the circle of our soul family within this school, supported by our guides. To reach for more beauty, peace, harmony and love for the New Earth, with who we are all One. I have learned and I am still learning to follow my inner guidance, from fear to love and light and that we all are mirrors to each other and ourselves. That I am Love and Light.



The Netherlands

“Being in this group makes me feel very connected to the Light world, it helps me to find my way around in these amazing times! The meditations can go really deep, they are very useful & always just the right accent for me, connected to the essence of the current energy active in the world and in my life… The teachings received are diverse and the support from various beings is very tangible. It is absolutely wonderful and often amazing.  I am deeply grateful to take part… It is a profound way to connect yourself with Light (beings) and support yourself into the New World!  A true gift…”



I am very grateful to Anna and Petra for their guidance, meditations, and support in the Mary Magdalene’s Re-Membership Group. Their guided meditations are very gentle, and yet so powerful! During each meditation, gently, one more veil falls and one more pillar rises. And, ever so gently, our being is slowly and surely transformed from within, at our own pace, organically, naturally. Re-membering! The meditations have brought me a stronger connection with my higher self and with the spiritual realms. I feel more empowered, proud of being who I am, embracing my light and my shadow. I also see more clearly the power and the beauty in others, with their light and their shadow. My world is now full of synchronicities as I am more open to receive the messages and more confident on my intuition. I am so happy to have embarked in this light journey!


Paris, France

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