Is an old reality within you dying?

Welcome to The Chamber for Passage to the Afterlife

“There would be no chance at all of getting to know death if it happened only once. But fortunately, life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth and death, a dance of change. These changes, these small deaths, are our living links with death. They are death’s pulse, death’s heartbeat, prompting us to let go of all the things we cling to.” – Sogyal Rinpoche

Living happily requires learning to let go. On the path of liberation, we come to understand that impermanence is a natural part of the universal flow of life. By learning to accept this continuous change, by learning to die in all moments to the old, we learn to accept life as it is, in its great mystery and its ever-changing miraculous manifestation.

It is important to align our minds and emotional bodies with an acceptance of this ever-present passage from the old to the new, of death & resurrection. When we truly face ourselves and the fact of death, and we accept death, we transform our attitude towards life, and the possibility for liberation and healing can occur.

This holds true for habituated belief systems that cage us in – consciously or unconsciously. Where are our habituated, limited beliefs closing us in and making us prisoners to limited realities? Can we learn to die to this part of ourselves, in order to align with our True Nature? When we renounce to these habits or thought forms, when we die to this aspect of ourselves, we make space for re- emerging, re-birthing in a new way.

This death and re-birth process is usually accompanied by a mixture of sadness and joy – sadness at leaving behind the old way, and joy at the potential of the new way, which starts to unfold when we have accepted the death of the old. And the joy of the new is often profound and overwhelming, giving birth to new strength, confidence, inspiration and a deep sense of freedom.

We are never bound to any reality. We are creator beings that can morph into new forms and creations. But we need to train our capacity of letting go, of surrendering and dissolving, in order to allow the new to emerge from a state of emptiness and limitlessness.

The Chamber for Passage to the Afterlife is for all those who are leaving their bodies at this time, for those who are accompanying close ones in this process, AND for all those who are preparing for, or experiencing, an inner death process. It is a space that deeply supports you in letting go of all internal patterns that no longer serve you, that keep you imprisoned in a habituated, entrapped reality. It is a sacred space to accompany you through the fear and grief of letting go. It is a sacred space in which you are held, where you know that you are safe in deeply surrendering to the divine process of death, so that at the end, you can emerge, resurrected. All are welcome!