InvoIutive & Evolutionary Energies

Collective Awakening is possible only when we take responsibility for Personal and Collective Shadow work!!

Our soul family is called to be aware and stay focused on the inner voice of truth. The outer world is calling our attention loudly and we see an increase of collective work on many levels. People are raising their voices for truth, awakening into sovereignty, listening to and following their deepest calling and making strong decision about their futures. This is all part of the greater plan. 


This brings us to the subject of personal shadow work. The collective transition is possible only by moving through personal shadow work. We all know that. Another way of understanding this shadow is to understand it as involutive energy – that is, energy that spirals in on itself, slowly shrinking the consciousness, until it finally self-destructs. 

Our planet is currently a mix of involutive and evolutionary energies. The involutive energies close us in and the evolutionary energies liberate us into expanded consciousness. Each of us is issued from a mix of these two tendencies, or movements, and we believe that it is the work of all those dedicated to the Path of the Divine Human, to the Path of Christ Consciousness, to become aware of any involutive tendencies and to transmute them to align with evolution. 

We are asked to bring this to our awareness always, to connect with the divine voice within that is always guiding us… and always in surprising ways. This voice asks for silence, rest and contemplation everyday. The louder the outer world, the greater is the need for silence. The call for silence is activated because we need to be able to hear the most subtle light language and guidance that is ready to be heard on Earth. Any shadow that we witness in this stage is ready to be dissolved through our inner, radical honesty and unconditional self-love. 

Deeper personal and collective healing is possible! Our sacred heart will always guide us into a balanced harmony and peace. We need to maintain a state of trust while we move through the transformation. This takes patience, endurance and requires faith and trust that all is well and that we are loved and guided by a greater force; a force of creation and unconditional love.


Petra van der Linden-Brussen & Anna Vanickova

Mary Magdalene’s School