Holding Space


In this time of the great awakening into our divinity, when we are remembering our blue print and purpose, we have often been asked – what is SPACE HOLDING?

Space holding is one of the great practices we use in spiritual work, to appease the energetic field and to make space for the awakening into Oneness Consciousness.

When a space, or a process, is energetically held by one or more human beings, it helps create a safe container of love and light. The divine action of space holding helps energies move – on their own -into greater coherency. Spaceholding also consists in having trust and confidence in divine guidance towards harmony and peace.

What is Space Holding?

Space holding is a type of very neutral, or neutralising, inner beingness within a field of energy. Through the inner planes, one takes one’s position and brings a neutral presence into the field/grid.

Space holding is a divine capacity that humans have and it is extraordinarily useful during this time of collective ascension. As one holds space, one enters into a unified heart field within the field of Creation, thus supporting the active work of others in this field. The spaceholder thus, through neutral heart-presence alone, adds a peaceful and harmonious energy to the (possibly very emotionally charged) transformational work that others are doing.

How does it work in practice?

You can either be asked to hold space for someone or for a specific process that is moving. Or you can feel called to spontaneously hold space for someone or something. If the latter is the case, always ask permission to do so.

Space holding can be done for yourself, for others, for specific groups or for the larger collective.


Some of you already have your own unique, natural ways of holding space! But these are basic guidelines for those who might not be aware, as of yet, what this is all about. You may want to start your practice or experimental training in space holding in the following way:

  1. Define your intention or question before going into meditation or at the beginning of a collective meditation
  2. Move your consciousness into the Sacred Space of the Heart
  3. Connect to the greater process that IS
  4. Be as empty as possible
  5. Be neutral in relation to any story that may rise
  6. Stay in the Void
  7. Stay centered in your heart, detached, and unattached to any outcome

Note: when you are called to do energetic work while space holding, do so only if you are absolutely sure this is asked from you and is NOT a distraction. These are moments when spiritual discernment is needed.


And be attentive to how the experience IS for you! Observe yourself, as you observe the field. Observe your body, your breath, your mental state, your emotions. Note for yourself at the end of each work, what it was like for you! Did you manage to stay neutral? Did something pull you out of your neutrality? Discover what it was and heal the charge. As we work through the triggers, we eventually become better and better at space keeping, as our general state of neutrality becomes more and more stable.


Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School