Dear Ones, 

Powerful healing channels of very high energy frequencies are currently activating on Earth, coming both from Gaia and from our solar system and galaxy. These channels of light are tended to by many archangels and angels, ascended masters, light guides, the Galactic Federation of Light and many other beings whose intention is to help humanity in its ascension process and towards sovereignty. 



As these channels work on our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, it is important to know that they are also healing soul trauma from many lifetimes. The first three levels mentioned belong to the Earth plane. The last level, the level of the soul, reaches beyond the Earth experience. We want you to know that you will not necessarily be conscious of the breadth of the process happening at this time, but that is completely fine – just allow yourself to be in the flow. Each person will receive exactly the transformation s/he is ready to experience, in alignment with his/her divine blueprint. We encourage you to stay in your heart centers for this experience, which will help you align mentally and emotionally with the process. 



The indigenous peoples often say that the longest path we have to walk is the path from the head to the heart. (-: The electromagnetic field of the heart is hundreds of times more powerful than the EM field of the brain; for those interested in learning more about this, you can look up the research of the Heartmath Institute. Our heart exists in several dimensions. There is the physical heart. But then there is also the sacred space of the heart and the tiny space of the heart. Each have a different function and are connected to different dimensions. 

Our greatest power of creation is found in the heart. The heart has a language that is all-encompassing, it is inclusive of all creation. The heart is our central navigation system. In the heart are answers to all our inner conflicts. Our heart is the doorway to our soul, and once we access the tiny space of the heart, we connect to the Heart of the Universe, the center of creation. For millennia, humanity has been living from the head – creating in duality and limitation. Now is the time for us to return to our Divinity, to our True Nature, to Unlimited Reality, and this process necessitates a return to the heart. 



We would like to clarify some confusion that we feel in the field. We are in agreement that we are in a process of moving into 5th dimensional frequencies. However, there is no place TO GET TO. We are, by our very nature, multi-dimensional, unlimited beings, hence we are ALREADY inhabiting the 5th dimension. Our work at this time is to CHANGE OUR FOCUS. This comes through a heart-centered awareness of our thought processes, a heart-centered awareness of the thoughts we believe are important and which thoughts we choose to give energy to. We are being asked to connect the mind to the heart in order to master our mind and become conscious creators of each thought. Thought is an important step in the origin of each creation. Are we willing to take responsibility at this level? 


When we focus on limitation, sickness, hardship, pain, suffering…. what happens? What is your personal process to shift your awareness to an energy that nourishes you, blesses you, inspires you, and promotes life? Is this process integrated in your daily life? 


You already exist as a Divine Being! How often do you align with this part of you yourself? You are your own healer! Just ask that part of yourself to come forth! You have all the answers inside yourself! Draw your awareness to the unlimited part of yourself where all answers reside! 


Blessings to you all! 


Anna Vanickova 

Petra van der Linden – Brussen