Healing Heliopolis
Solar Code Blessings for the New Era

We are in a season of revelations and astrologically-supported, deep healing potential before Pluto fully enters a twenty-year phase in the sign of Aquarius at the end of 2024!

We invite you to move into a process of deep healing – in order that your gifts no longer stay hidden, but that the diamond that you are be unveiled from under layers that have served as protection over many millennia.

Together, we will connect to the special quality of light during this Solstice time, complementary in the northern and southern hemispheres, and we will move deeper into the Great Mystery of Transformation.

The Healing Heliopolis program

This program brings you into a healing process of lifetimes spent in service to the Temple Tradition, during the time of the Great Fall of Humanity.

In these 4 transmissions, you will be healing deep pain and trauma that was experienced by the priests, priestesses and trainees in the Temple Traditions.

As we see from our world today, these experiences are still very present today in various kinds of religious institutions, and are coming up in a powerful way to be seen and healed.

In sacred temple spaces that were dedicated to love, light and purity of Spirit, many people were confused and led astray to practice unspeakable brutalities. Both victims and perpetrators of these brutalities, as well as those with the inner impulse to “save” the victims, often still carry the wounds of this time of darkness.

Codes, Light & Sound Frequencies

This compilation carries codes, light & sound frequencies, and images to catalyze a deep remembrance & healing process. You are invited to enter a mysterious living world that exists beneath the words you hear. The transmissions are living consciousness, and they meet you at multiple levels as your consciousness unfolds and expands.

Along with the healing of our body temples, we will be resurrecting the network of sacred sanctuaries around the earth, and reconnecting them through sacred geometry to the Temple of the One Heart.


We come into this process through the ancient glorious city of the sun, Heliopolis, one of the oldest sacred cities of Ancient Egypt. What makes Heliopolis special as a conduit to this work is that it is here that lie the origins of the Mystery School tradition. In this portal of cosmic consciousness of the sun was found one of the greatest and well-known temples dedicated to RA. The name Heliopolis can be translated as the House of RA, or Pillar. In this temple, the priests maintained that RA was the first Being to rise, self-created, from the primeval waters.

This principle – RISING SELF CREATED FROM THE PRIMEVAL WATERS – is the core principle that is active in our world today, as we remember that we are the CREATORS OF OUR REALITY.

4 Healing Transmissions

This set of 4 healing transmissions is an extraordinarily powerful medium to gently bring light to the deepest and most painful wounds that lie in the dark recesses of our individual and collective systems. You are invited to acknowledge, embrace and transform these wounds through an ever-growing field of unconditional love.  As we connect to these deep sources of unconscious suffering, and draw them into the light, GREAT POTENTIAL FOR LIBERATION IS ACTIVATED. 

Observe your inner landscape

While you work with this material, we ask you to observe whatever comes up in your inner landscape and to bring your awareness to the fact that what appears there for examination may

  1. be yours individually
  2. belong to another person
  3. be a pattern currently being played out in the collective human consciousness

Many of us function as healing channels for the energies that exist on our planet today. The more we move into Oneness consciousness, the more we realize that any trauma held within the collective is at some level also connected to us, and we do our part to move to higher frequencies so that the energy field holding life on Gaia can be healed and transformed into Peace and Wholeness. The higher the frequency of vibration, the easier it is for us to heal individually & collectively.

Revibrating back into purity and innocence

This set of healing transmissions is an offering to assist all those who have spent lifetimes in service to the Mystery School tradition, and those dedicated to the Magdalene consciousness of the Great Mystery. This compilation is a toolkit to support each and every one in revibrating back into purity and innocence, to come back into the fertile womb of the Cosmic Mother, and to pioneer new consciousness for this New Era.

Heliopolis program

€144.00 incl. VAT

The program consists of 4 pre-recorded transmissions + 1 replay ZOOM session with Petra & Anna.

  • Transmission #1 Healing the Deep Wounds of our Temple of Light
  • Transmission #2 Healing Ceremony in Jeshua’s Healing Chamber
  • Transmission #3 Heliopolis: Liberation and Restoration of the Sacred Temples
  • Transmission #4 Solar Code Blessing Ceremony in Heliopolis
  • Replay of the LIVE Zoom session on July 3rd, 2023

This set of transmissions will be available to you for a period of 2 years, which allows you to work more deeply with the codes over a longer period of time.

All of these transmissions are being made available to humanity at a time of the awakening of the Divine Feminine, a time when the teachings of the masters are being made accessible to more than just a few initiates of the hidden mysteries. As we take this opportunity to heal our deepest wounds, the Magdala force will once again naturally begin to flow as a most natural evolutionary creation field.

You are invited to say YES to your own mastery through this process!