During these waves of very high energy frequencies entering our systems, it is crucial that you ground yourselves. When your system has an overflow of these high energies, the extra energy needs to be given to the Earth, so that you can manage this process in the most stable manner possible. If you are not grounding yourself, you may be challenged by unstable mental, emotional and physical states of being.  It is desirable to allow for the transformation to happen in the most gentle possible manner.


Our bodies are electromagnetic systems. We have electrical circuitry running through our bodies, which, when balanced, creates health. When there are electrical surcharges or when there is not a sufficient amount of energy running the system, there is disbalance. Chinese acupuncture and other healing modalities work to balance the human body at this level.


At this time, we have various possibilities for staying balanced by decharging excess energy flow. Walk on the Earth barefoot for at least 20 minutes; take a nap on the ground; take a walk in Nature. For those who do not have access to Nature at this time: put your thumb in a flower pot for 20 minutes; hold black rocks/stones in your hands to decharge regularly. The decharge process is extremely important – try to make it a habit.