Go Inside to Know Yourself

In the times when we are living, when personal, cultural and human “identity” is being challenged more and more and is being put in a pressure cooker, the only way to move through this eye of the needle is to go within. The answers to our questions about identity will most certainly not come from the images & ideas that we are offered by the media of these times.


This has been one of the fundamental spiritual teachings of all times – by knowing ourselves, we can know the universe. And the only way to do that is to spend time INSIDE, doing the deep work of honest observation – witnessing the subtle realms at work and developing an awareness, an understanding, and an acceptance of all the energies at play.

When we develop this level, we can then move through unconditional love to a level of mastery, because the forces of which we become aware can no longer operate unconsciously within our system.

Our original design

Through this process, we naturally do the work of activating our original design. We are designed with many extra-sensory potentials, which have also been called paranormal abilities. These however are not abnormal – they are designed to be absolutely normal! We are designed to use them; they are a part of the original design that has been forgotten.

Again, the reminder is that we will not find these on the outside. We can only find them on the inside, through focus, inner study of ourselves, through awareness and discipline. We are resurrecting
circuitry that has not been used for millennia, and this takes care and attention. The human body is designed for astral travel, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation.


What is the relevance of these capacities today? We live in a world in which we receive millions of messages every day through all the media & social media outlets that exist. AI is convincingly writing the news we are reading, from a pre-existing, limited set of data. How do you know what is truth and what is not? You can spend thousands of hours researching and certainly you will find some answers.

However, as we remember the faculties of remote viewing and astral travel, we will not need to do this research – we will be able to travel to the source of the question to see and feel for ourselves what the truth is, with no intermediary and no in-between agendas.

Transparancy from the inside

As we remember our faculties, we become transparent and our world becomes transparent. Nothing is hidden anymore when we activate our original design, because we are ONE and everything can be seen, felt, heard, understood.

So our main task as we move into the consciousness of the New Time, is to REMEMBER, and this takes focus, discipline, commitment and a whole lot of self-love. It takes a full understanding that the answers will not be found in the outer world, because the outer world is in total chaos – chaos because people are focussing outside themselves for the answers.

The restructuralization needs to happen INSIDE. And as we do this work, step by step, we will regain the faculties that we have lost, and we will be able to offer our newfound knowledge to those who are still searching for their True Selves.