Journey into the New Earth

Petra M. Brussen & Anna Vanickova
Mary Magdalene’s School
Scribed by Katherine Newburgh

(The) Great Passage

In Mary Magdalene’s School, the Great Passage refers to the completion of an 8- meditation, initiatic cycle in which a person chooses and then acts to consciously evolve, in order to effectively assist in the birthing of the New Earth into physical reality.

(The) New Earth

The New Earth embodies the qualities of peace, love, harmony, symmetry, concord, transparency, compassion and deep, abiding trust. It is an earth where humanity lives its golden dreams through mystical revelation, and through the liberated hearts and minds of all who dwell here.

Age of Aquarius

As the Age of Aquarius is ushered in, peace will guide us home, and we will live on earth as brothers and sisters in equality. Unconditional love will be the guiding force on our holy path, every step of the way.

Ascended Masters

This is a term used to describe beings who have overcome all obstacles and have merged with Light/God/Source, who have transcended limited consciousness, met every challenge with success, and attained liberty by claiming the God-consciousness that is our birthright. In that, we join with great souls such as Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mary Magdalene, and the Great Mother, among many others. 

Ascendant Masters

These are those of us who are dedicated to the sacred process that led those before us to freedom!

Blueprint of the Soul

This blueprint is the original template, the underlying geometry of the being that is each one of us. Each of us has an energetic template with which we are born, that was created from the overflowing love and union that causes life to blossom.

Christed Grid

This holy grid, built from Spirit, the Source of all, surrounds and covers our planet. It is an intricate, geometric, and sacred design in which we all have a place. We can be just where we are, taking our places in the Christed grid. We root ourselves deeply to the heart of the earth and the heart of the sky and light up, lending strength to the whole. From this place of power, we are able to send love and light freely to others who are otherwise far away, from heart to heart, connected and strong in the universal life flow.

Once you are brushed with the light of your own grace, you will never forget who you are.

Divine Feminine

Each of us, male and female, holds the principles of the divine feminine: the kind, intuitive, embracing, receiving, holding, loving, forgiving, merciful, resourceful, responsible, intelligent, and powerful aspects of the feminine. The divine feminine invites all that is sacred to the light. It is inclusive, encompassing all who courageously stand up for life.

Divine Masculine

Every human holds the ideals of the divine masculine within: the curious, intelligent, decisive, directing, protective, loving, tolerant, strong, forgiving, respectful, wise, and potent aspects. The divine masculine takes his place beside the divine feminine: they stand in perfect balance, in total support and commitment to one another, dedicated to all that serves life.

Divine Mind

The divine mind is the sacred mind of God, as well as the ability of those who seek to tap into, to connect to, and to explore this magnificent field. It is a realm in which infinite mind capacity is One with the love force of life.

Divine Mother

The Divine Mother has had at least 10 thousand names on our planet. To some, she is our living earth, Gaia. To others, she is the Mother of God. To some, she is Kwan Yin, Radha, Tara, or White Buffalo Woman. In every tradition, the Divine Mother embodies the beauty, radiance, and knowledge of God. Her life is consecrated, dedicated to all that lives, is holy, and made of goodness. She is one of the great comforters: she forgives, soothes, witnesses, holds, counsels, and is able to transmute all pain at every level.

Etheric Temples

All around Gaia, into the sky and deep within her, are etheric temples that anchor higher frequency life to the planet. They are sacred spaces dedicated to divine, higher frequency knowledge and wisdom. For thousands of years they have not been accessible because of the fall of human consciousness after Atlantis sank. Each etheric temple has its own and collective purpose. It may focus on higher learning, divine law & justice, forgiveness, universal love, divine wisdom, higher science, art, illumination, ascension, healing, divine truth, or may be a sanctuary for sacred initiations. These temples are equipped for deep alchemical processes, and serve as intergalactic portals welcoming beings from various galaxies into our planetary home. These beings of high consciousness come here to learn, as well as to teach and share their skills and consciousness. Many of the temples we work in are dedicated to the re-genesis of the original multi-potential of human beings.

Great Central Sun

The great central sun holds the highest and purest form of cosmic consciousness. From the heart of our living sun, we travel far into the center of our universe where lies the great central sun, from which this impeccable consciousness emanates. The shining sun is associated with the Mother/Father God, oneness consciousness and the white-gold flame.

Higher Self

Deep in the heart of each human being is the part that knows and remembers our soul contract. It is the part that has always been aligned with goodness, love, and light. It is the part of us that has an eagle’s view of our life, infallibly directing us towards our highest path. We access our higher self through the sacred space of the heart, through meditation and practice. When we allow ourselves to be guided from the higher self, we transform our own individual lives, which then transforms life in the collective human family.

Holy Grail

Traditionally associated with Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and the cup of the Last Supper, the holy grail is the chalice that holds universal truth and universal love as a living essence of One. Everyone can be nourished by the contents of the holy grail: we need only to ask, and we shall always receive that which we are ready to consume. The grail is a highly alchemical tool used for inner spiritual development.

Our heart is the voice that will lead us,
Our soul the light that shows the way.


Implants are etheric devices attached to our energy body and are not for our highest good. They are not natural to our system, and do not serve us in meaningful or helpful ways. As we become conscious of them, we can remove them by changing from the inside, choosing not to host them, and loving them into another space where they are easily transmuted. We can do this work on our own, or with the help of those who have the sight and skill to remove the implants and to heal the space where they used to be embedded.


Initiations are spiritual teachings on the inner planes that lead to a shift in consciousness and perception in the subtle realms. They include ceremonies that introduce seekers into the sacred tasks of lightworkers. Initiations are associated with temple lives, which many of us have had, in other incarnations or even in this one. They work as keys that unlock doors which have previously been closed to the conscious mind, opening us to further expansion in the inner realms. In many original cultures in the world, physical initiations accompany spiritual and social rites of passage.

Libraries of Light

The libraries of light are the consecrated etheric homes of knowledge and wisdom, places which hold all the records and secrets of all that has ever been said, done, learned, and preserved, as well as all prophesies, and all future possibilities for the human realm, individually and collectively. These libraries contain intelligence from galactic and cosmic origin.

Light Ray

Every color, known and unknown to humanity, carries its own special frequency of vibration. Each vibration is encoded with intelligence and purpose, and can be used to shine through the bodies, hearts, and minds of those who seek the gifts it offers. In working with light rays, we undergo a process of transforming our consciousness into higher realms of perception.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the Queen of Heaven, an embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Christ’s highest disciple and wife, and the one who most understood his teachings: “She knows the All.” She is known as the Migdala, the Tower, the risen one who first synthesized the teachings of Yeshua. She is a high initiate in the line of Isis. It is through her holy guidance that Mary Magdalene’s School is given direction and clarity. It is Mary Magdalene who chooses the next steps. She is our beloved, and the one who leads us Home.


The merkaba is the sacred vehicle that carries us through the inner realms. It is a part of our original anatomy. On Gaia, we take on the merkaba geometry of Mother Earth, that of a star tetrahedron; and we travel from inside its center. The merkaba is made of living light and electromagnetic frequencies. Its spin can move us easily over great distances in moments. It can be programmed like a supercomputer with programs originating in the heart, as it is made of crystalline bio-intelligence. Thousands of merkaba geometries exist in the universe.

Miracle Consciousness

This is a consciousness that reflects the infinite space of our Creator, and the boundless potential and possibilities of the eternal cosmos. Miracles happen when we embrace the concept and reality of miracle consciousness. It is a space where miracles can fully happen, because we accept the possibility that they actually can. If a miracle can happen for one, it can happen for each one, too. It is this consciousness that we reach for when we ask to transform our world or when we seek to heal ourselves, our families, or our communities. From the micro to the macro, miracle consciousness touches us all, and all for the highest good. It may be understood as a higher consciousness from a higher frequency bandwidth, with its own modus operandi.

Mystery School

In older times, mystery schools were places where scientists and mystics came together to expand and to grow in settings that fostered scholarship, mystical “innerstanding,” and action. They included seers and those who understood pure, unadulterated higher magic connected to the Great Mystery, and its part in the unfolding reality on earth. Many mystery schools were integrated with community life, and hence were an essential part of whole social system in which the gnostic path was central to life’s purpose. Mary Magdalene’s School is a modern mystery school, where we too, can add to the body of conscious knowledge as we remember more and more from other times, and add what is innovative, creative, and new.

When you lift your voice with pure intention,
You are held and heard by the divine.

One Heart Consciousness

When we come into the sanctuary of the one heart, we enter the heart of all of us, collectively, the part of heaven that belongs to all those who love and are dedicated to life. One heart consciousness amplifies and transmits love, increasing in potency as we come together with common goals. Sri Aurobindo called this field the supramental field which transcends duality.

Rainbow Bridge

This can be understood as the apotheosis or mystical process through which a human is transformed into a divine human, through the activation and stabilization of the Rainbow Light Body. It can also be understood as the divinization of human consciousness and sublimation of the human body, which returns the human system to its original design as a star portal to infinite realms of consciousness.

Rainbow Light Body

Humans have many bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual ones, and the rainbow light body, which emanates from the center of our heart space. It surrounds and encompasses us in radiant, living light that brightens with every understanding, transformation, and conscious evolution we choose and attain. The rainbow light body has also been called the eternal body, the perfect body, the chariot of light, the chariot of fire, the ultrahuman (Teilard de Chardin), the coat of light, the super-conductive body, the ecstasy body, the divine body composed of supramental material (Aurobindo), and the Great Perfection (Dzogchen).

Sacred Space of the Heart

The sacred space of the heart is located in the region of the physical heart. It is a holy etheric refuge and our own personal heaven that exists inside us. It is a place where the heart rules, and the mind is one of its greatest tools. The sacred space of the heart is expansive, able to hold all that we are able to truly love. It is an inner alchemical temple.

Sophia Christ Consciousness

As we pass through initiations and come into full remembrance, as we gain sacred knowledge through inner understanding, and become adept at loving at a universal level, we enter the space of Sophia Christ consciousness. This consciousness of oneness is the unconditional love of the highest dimensional consciousness, in contrast to the space of the individualized likes, dislikes, and conditional love of the third dimension.

Soul fragments

Each time we choose to incarnate, another aspect of us experiences life, each adding to the whole, as pieces of a work made of stained glass or mosaic. Each one of these living pieces is a fragment of our one soul. At any point of conscious choosing, we can access and reunite with all fragments of our souls that have the common wish to serve life and all that is good. “Becoming whole”, and “holy”, involves the unification of all these fragments.

Space holder

There are times that each of us knows that a particular path or meditation is not ours to complete; or that we are in a setting with others who are going through a process that is not ours. At these times, it is extremely helpful to stop and to simply hold a loving heart space for others to move forward in the work, in their healing, or in their expansion of consciousness. Space holding requires staying open, rooted to the earth and to the sun, and staying in the space of the One Heart, in order to create a safe space and to ground the work in truth and love.

Tiny Space of the Heart

In the space of the heart, there is a tiny space that is just for us, our own sanctuary, our own refuge, a place where we can come for comfort, rest, understanding, healing, nourishment, silence, and peace. It is a place that can expand to hold any whom we invite to join us there. It is a place of the deepest stillness and silence, and it is connected to everything in the universe. It is the space of the universal heart, and can also be experienced as the universal womb.

When you let yourself be guided
Only by the light of your heart,
You enter the space of sovereignty.

Toroidal field

From deep within, our heart and the sacred space of the heart emanate two powerful electromagnetic fields that are toroidal or doughnut-shaped, and arc out in the balanced shape of the toroid, then back to us in a perfect flow of energy. We each have a toroidal field, as does our planet, and the sun. It is the topography of an electromagnetic field emanating from the heart center.

Twin Ray

Also known as a twin flame, the twin ray is one: two bodies, one soul. The twin ray is one whose blueprint and energy frequency matches yours at all levels. The twin rays incarnate together again and again, to further and assist one another’s journey into fully open consciousness and ultimately, to enlightenment. Once enlightened, they serve the human family in its process of liberation and remembrance of its true nature. Twin ray souls do not necessarily both have to be incarnated physically in order to advance this mission.


Uluru is the largest rock on earth, standing 348 meters high, and rising 863 meters above sea level. It is sacred by the Aboriginal people and has origin stories known and shared in the dreamtime stories of the area. Uluru glows red at sunrise and sunset. It is surrounded with springs, water holes, rock caves, and ancient paintings. The bulk of Uluru lies under the surface of the earth. The spirits of the ancestral beings continue to reside in this sacred place, which is an important earth chakra connected to physical vitality.

Unity Consciousness

Unity consciousness is a field that rises naturally when we choose peace and co-creation with life-giving forces, embracing diversity and creating together as one being, with one heart for life and for Gaia.


The uroboros is an ancient symbol that depicts a snake or dragon eating its own tail. It represents the beginning and the end of time, often seen as a symbol for the eternal cyclic renewal of life, death, and rebirth. The uroboros is one of the earliest symbols for infinity.

24 Day Online Course
We Are The Ones
We Have Been Waiting For

This course has been conceived to support you in your spiritual awakening. Spiritual emergence is a process of YOU emerging into the world as your True Self. As you awaken, you will see that deeply encoded in you is a connection to many, if not all, the themes presented in this course.

The materials are intended to re-awaken you through heart-based high-frequency codes.

This awakening opens you to the reality of your multi-dimensionality and highest potential. Through this course, we offer you the possibility of entering into a deep process with yourself. Within this process, you will learn about, reflect on, and do deep research into your own spiritual awakening. Using an interactive workbook, videos, and audio recordings, you are invited to begin, or deepen, a journey into your own Inner Mystery. As you delve deeper, layer by layer, at your own pace, your True Self will emerge.

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