Essene Soul Consciousness of Mt. Sinai
Initiatic Workshop


It is Time to Re-Awaken Your Essene Codes!

You may experience a spark of recognition or you may suddenly have a feeling of relief as you read these words, and that is an affirmation that you are connected to this lineage. And that NOW is your time… You have been remembering who you are, layer by layer, and now it is time for the next phase of diving into deeper, forgotten parts of yourself, laid away eons ago as a way of protecting the light you carry within.

During out sacred journey to Mt. Sinai, the mountain communicated that the time has come for the Essene codes to be re-awakened. This initiatic workshop gives essential keys to unlock the Essene codes that are hidden deep within your DNA.

Essene Communities

There were many types of Essene communities, all with their own focus, but the element they all had in common was their commitment to the Way of Love and to the cultivation of the Inner Light.

Many of you recognize yourselves as Essenes. You may have memories of lives in various Essene communities, and most particularly you may feel a deep resonance with the codices carried by the Essenes.

The Great Shut Down of Essene Consciousness

There was a time when Essene communities were guided to shut down their field of consciousness, and told that difficult times waited. With the light burning bright in their hearts, they moved into what proved to be difficult times for humanity, as the inverted, dissociated consciousness and darkness took over the planet.

Many from this lineage courageously remained dedicated to the Way by keeping their inner light conscious. Some went underground, holding the Light of Divine Truth in small groups.  Some of these Children of the Light were challenged with despair, depression or feelings of isolation, as they did not understand how to contribute their love & light in a context that cared not for the Light of Truth.

Essene Vows of Secrecy Released!

All those who have had to keep the divine knowledge energetically under lock & key for millennia are now being released from this duty, this vow. A collective release is happening at the level of the Essene Soul Group, which will allow all those carrying this knowledge to be able to fully live it once again.

Feminine Solar Intelligence

Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Horeb, was the home of an Essene community that did solar rites to integrate the consciousness of the Sun.

When we spend time connecting to the qualities of the sun in this area, and the way this solar wisdom is stored in this desert mountain range, we can understand why this community chose this place!

The transmissions here come with an incredible feeling of homecoming, as the New Feminine Solar Intelligence reflects what the Essenes were connected with all along.

 What others have shared about programs of Mary Magdalene’s School:

“The meditations are profound and beyond my understanding. So much happens and I can’t recollect it, it happens in another realm or consciousness. Your contribution … is so important for all participants and beyond. I feel words cannot express enough my gratitude.”

Multidimensional Keys & Codes

This initiatic workshop is designed by the higher realms to support your process of sublimation and transmutation into higher understandings about your place & role in the universe and your functioning as a multidimensional being of light.

Inner Mastery

It is a journey into the deepest part of the Mystery within you, to transcend limited and false conditioning. This is a commitment to be at the edge of your own evolutionary process.

As you explore your inner energy anatomy, your inner world, you learn about yourself and you take ownership of your own energy & informational field. This is an essential step in moving into your inner mastery!

New World Civilisation

As higher levels of your consciousness open up, and you normalize your conscious co-creation with the Angelic Realms, with Galactic Light Family, with Inner Earth Light Family, as well as with Gaia’s Nature Kingdom, you will feel yourself coming into the next level of your inner mastery and creation of the New World Civilisation.

Essene Wisdom

With your movement through this channel, you will experience an accelerated flow of codes of remembrance, as this program opens a gateway for remembering your Essene wisdom.


Initiatic Process

This will take you through an initiatic process entailing multi-layered unveiling of keys & codes that you hold within the depth of your being. As you work with the material of this workshop, you will connect dots within your perceptive framework, and you will re-vibrate your being into a higher level of Oneness.

Soul Family

Your newfound wholeness will naturally magnetize Soul Family that you will recognize, bringing you into community with a new level of joy, love & mutual understanding.

What Are The Contents Of The Workshop?

  • Writings on:
    • The New Biology
    • The Human Ascension Process
    • The Sophia Christ Peace Templates
  • Audio Recordings with Breathing Exercises and Energy Alignments
  • 2 Recorded Peace Meditations – Tools for Inner Peace
  • 5 Recorded Transmissions – Activations of Higher Multidimensional Spiritual Templates
  • 3 Video Recordings
  • A Journal of Petra & Anna’s Journey to Mt. Sinai with Photos


  • € 299,- (incl. VAT)

How Long Does It Take To Do This Workshop?

The first experience with the material takes 25 Days. In other words, the materials of this workshop are sent to you over a period of 25 days!

We however strongly encourage you to engage with the materials in this workshop several times, because each time you listen to a meditation or transmission, it will induce you to connect to deeper levels within your inner universe. The materials can be listened to repeatedly until you feel like each transmission has been completely integrated.

You have two full years to work with the content of this workshop, starting on the day of your purchase.