Remembrance of our True Essence is fundamental to awakening into Unity Consciousness

The education program is aimed at awakening the Sacred Heart and reconnecting to the True Self. From this True Essence, we use multidimensional exploration to ever-expand our consciousness, and to bring concrete solutions to the material plane of Earth. We do this through workshops, online and live retreats, talks, seminars, conferences, gatherings, sacred journeys, and one-on-one sessions. Our activities are in various languages.


Program for 2022:


Online Course


This course has been conceived to support you in your spiritual awakening. Spiritual emergence is a process of YOU emerging into the world as your True Self. As you awaken, you will see that deeply encoded in you is a connection to many, if not all, the themes presented in this course.

The materials are intended to re-awaken you through heart-based high-frequency codes.


Journey into the new earth
Journey into the new earth

We are thrilled to introduce this first book, Journey into the New Earth, published by Libraries of Light Media & Publishing! The content of this book originated in the 3-week global online gathering Mary Magdalene’s Great Passage.

In this gathering, we rejoiced at collectively inhabiting the space of the One Heart, with 15 000 participants from 150 countries around the world!