Creating the New Light Records of Gaia

Creating the New Light Records of Gaia
Nov. 26 – Dec. 21, 2023
Advent program

Advent_program_Creating the New Light Records of Gaia

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Will you help create the New Earth Story? This is an Advent Program for Human Light Masters! If you are reading this then this includes YOU!

Petra van der Linden-Brussen & Anna Vanickova

Creating the New Light Records of Gaia
is a 4-week program, which will run from
November 26 – December 21, 2023

Join Petra & Anna for this special 4-week online Advent program to nurture insight, compassion, community, and mindful multidimensional action. Together with many Children of the Light, we will continue to activate the Golden Grid of the Arc of the Covenant, in order to amplify the New Jerusalem on Gaia Earth.

This Advent we meet as One Humanity
In the Temple of the One Heart

We are creating a New Story on Gaia
A Story that transcends all we currently know…

This 2023 Advent Program promises to be
Something we have never before experienced…

We will collectively put the cherry on the cake as we close this year 2023! From a field of Sophia Christ Consciousness… through remembrance, soul creation, new geometry, and higher spiritual wisdoms, we will continue to expand our understandings about reality, transcending the Time-Space continuum to fully embody new frameworks of being.

Humanity is in the process of accessing the Original Records of Light and spiritually anchoring Peace on Earth. In the last year, the light & higher consciousness has again expanded our framework of understanding our reality.

The Light Realms are witnessing our journey of consciousness and we have been shown that it is now time for the Soul Mastery of the Human Family to fully co-create the evolution of Gaia and her new role in our galaxy.

We are experiencing a quickening of consciousness unlike anything we have ever seen in our universe. It is challenging and it is exciting. Our multi-dimensional nature is opening us in unthinkable & unprecedented ways…


What people have shared about programs with Anna & Petra:

Anna & Petra’s teachings have been so nourishing. I cannot thank you enough for the ongoing love and guidance. They are exceptional in clarity, with such high-level wisdoms … Never have I ever felt so “at home”, stretched and inspired by the wisdoms, the love and what I feel is truth for me. I am in such deep gratitude for what Mary Magdalene’s School does on such a consistent basis… – Marty C.

New Records of Light

In this Advent program, we will be connecting to existing Records of Light as a springboard for co-creating Gaia’s New Records of Light. These are Records that will be created in real-time by each and every participant of this program. We will witness & experience real-time creation from the soul, by each and every participant, in collaboration with our Star brothers and sisters, Inner Earth brothers & sisters, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Nature Kingdom and with Gaia herself.

These Records will be New Light Patterns that will light up Gaia. It has been made clear to us that the participants of our collective works have over multiple lifetimes had masterful training in creating through Universal Consciousness, and as such are Masters of Light of their own right.

As Children of the Light, we are sometimes not aware of this mastery because we are occupied by our daily lives – the duties we have in our jobs, families, homes & garden, and communities. We also often hear from people that they dare not express what they are doing in their inner work because it sounds “so far out”.

This Advent program is an invitation to transcend all fear about owning your multidimensional nature. This program is an opportunity to celebrate your full incarnation, as a Master of Light. It is an event to finally step into ownership of your multidimensional lovelight and power, and to be seen for who you are! To allow your full light to be birthed into the world!

This IS the work that you have been doing. It is your interdimensional mastery that we will celebrate and use to co-create the New Records of Light!!!

Creating the New Light Records of Gaia

Join us for this special online journey of remembrance, when we will come together for a new Soul Creation! With the overlighting presence of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, we will take a collective step to alchemise the Soul of Humanity into Peace!

This is a divinely timed moment to fully remember that we are Master Creators, and we have incarnated to create a reality based on Peace & Prosperity for All.

Parallel Realities

We are recognizing that we live in simultaneous realities, and we are learning to live, and to hold conscious space for all these realities to exist and to be lived in parallel and harmonious ways. Each and every one of these realities informs and affects the other, and they exist within a continuum of consciousness.

Some of these realities are earth-based, while others are galactic or intergalactic. We are at a point in our consciousness, in the quickening of our consciousness, when the understanding of multiple realities is starting to enter into a normalized reality.

In this Advent time, we will be remembering & exploring multiple parallel realities, and the way that Time-Space can be transcended through a single point of focus. We will be expanding our consciousness to allow a new interface system to emerge in our life experience, and to allow this experience to broaden our awareness about the way we create our reality.

Quickening of Consciousness

We are experiencing a quickening of consciousness unlike anything we have ever seen in our universe. It is challenging and it is exciting! Our irreversibly emerging multi-dimensional nature allows us to:

  • Create a New Story of Eden
  • Spiritually Anchor Peace
  • Find Solutions to Current Human Challenges
  • Recognize the New Global Operating System
  • Fine-tune & Enhance Perception of Previously Unseen Potentialities
  • Have Breakthrough Understandings of Quantum Intelligence
  • Access Inspiration at Multiple Levels within an Infinite Reality
  • Perceive New Holistic Frameworks
  • Have a Vaster Transpersonal Understanding about our Reality
  • Create within a Field of Infinite Opportunity
  • Collaborate with All Realms through the Consciousness of ONE

We are here to unite Heart to Heart & Soul to Soul in order to uplift the consciousness of humanity, to participate in a Miracle in the Making.

What people have shared about programs with Anna & Petra:

Dear Anna and Petra, thanks for these enormous meditations. I feel that my inner planes are repaired now, so I feel stronger inside. My consciousness is broader in receiving this Holy information … It brings my power back to know that I’m not alone and we are all loved. – Christine S.

We thank the artist who is unknown to us, for this beautiful piece of art

Lord Melchizedek & Babaji

Lord Melchizedek will continue to be our guiding light on this remarkable journey. With his loving guidance, we are poised to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence, both as individuals and as a collective. His wisdom transcends earthly boundaries; he is a benevolent cosmic teacher, a guiding force that supports enlightenment, to bring humanity back into harmony with the universe.

With Lord Melchizedek as our mentor, and Mary Magdalene & Yeshua as our bridge to higher consciousness, we are filled with deep gratitude and wonder…

Babaji has also come into the field for this divine co-creation, to support the upliftment of our human perception. Babaji, a revered mystical teacher, is an immortal being who has transcended the cycles of birth & death, and has achieved physical immortality and eternal youth. He brings in deep spiritual wisdom, profound knowledge about transformation & enlightenment, and supernatural abilities which he uses to promote universal love, unity and the oneness of all beings.

Cosmic Angels

We are asked to work in new and deeper ways with the Angelic Realms, which fills our heart with joy as we feel this cosmic field of purity and nourishment being build up by many benevolent beings in all realms. Great Cosmic Angels will join the Archangels to share cosmic wisdom, along with the Crowned Ones from the Great Central Sun.

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

We are deeply touched and grateful to be called by Mary Magdalene & Yeshua to continue to be in Service to Peace during the upcoming Advent time. The time of Advent is the perfect moment to work collectively in the inner fields, to allow a higher light to be birthed into the world!

We all know deep down that the Time is NOW to stand unified, in peace, as One Essene Soul Family, as One Human Family, One Soul woven from the One Heart. It is time for us to reconnect with Earth & Galactic Soul Family forgotten a long time ago.

If you sense the call to join us on this SPIRITUAL ANCHORING INTO PEACE, to be a Prophet/Prophetess of Peace, please click on the link for registration

What people have shared about programs with Anna & Petra:

I cannot express enough how moved I am for the journey you have taken me on and I am eternally grateful. – Mayuri O.

Advent_program_Creating the New Light Records of Gaia

(Nov. 26 – Dec. 21, 2023)

What is included in the Program?

  • 4 Online Meetings with teachings, transmissions & sharings (in a Zoom setting)
  • 1 Final Global Solstice Meeting (on the School’s Main FB Page – later uploaded on Youtube, Telegram & Vimeo)
  • Real-time Writings

The meetings will be at 8PM (20h00) Paris time except the meeting on December 21, which will be at 8AM (08h00) Paris time. The meetings will take place on the following dates.

  1. Sunday, Nov. 26 – online transmission (Zoom)
  2. Sunday, Dec. 3 – online transmission (Zoom)
  3. Sunday, Dec. 10 – online transmission (Zoom)
  4. Sunday, Dec. 17 – online transmission (Zoom)
  5. Thursday, Dec. 21 – final Winter Solstice meeting, open to the global public (on FB, later uploaded on Youtube, Telegram & Vimeo)

If you cannot attend the live call, it is no problem! All Zoom meetings, as well as the Global Meeting on FB, will be recorded and available in your account within 24 hours.

Financial Contribution

We ask each person to make a heart-felt & love-based financial contribution to this program, to cover the cost of the technical systems and the team of 11 people who make this global work possible. Your financial investment supports the anchoring of a new reality on Earth!


€ 177,- (incl VAT)
Price for Remembership Community members: € 144,- (incl. VAT)

Special Offer:

Participants in our programs very often find that the experience of sharing with soul family significantly deepens the process of a program. Mary Magdalene’s School’s Remembership Community was set up to foster exchange and deepening insight into our spiritual experiences and our spiritual journey.

If you would like to benefit from this program in the deepest possible way, we encourage you to become a member of the Remembership Community. Here you have a space to exchange in real-time on your process, and read the experiences of other participants on the community FB Page.

Another perk is that Remembership Community members participate in the School’s programs at a substantially reduced price! All new members receive a reduction of €33,- for the program Creating the New Light Records of Gaia.

Members of the Remembership Community also meet regularly through Zoom with Petra & Anna for a range of activities.

Please click HERE for more information about the community:

You are whole-heartedly invited to join us for this online program! Participate consciously – individually and collectively – to focus on deepening & expanding Peace for the New World.

Registration is closed for this moment

Petra van der Linden-Brussen & Anna Vanickova

Mary Magdalene’s School
For Remembrance & Unity Consciousness