Cosmic Twin Flame Alchemy
The Oneness Mission

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven”

Yeshua – from the Gnostic Apostle Thomas

THIS IS AN INVITATION TO ALL SOULS whose mission it is to expand the field of Oneness on Gaia!

Whether you are a Twin Flame or you are a soul committed to inner Oneness, you will be entering and growing the Oneness Consciousness through this exceptional equinox portal!

The March Equinox Portal is another exceptional COSMIC MOMENT in the evolution of humankind! On March 8th the energies will begin to shift as Saturn moves into Pisces, beginning a new 29-year cycle.

As the energies grow and we prepare ourselves to move through the equinox portal, we will be able to optimise the very high cosmic energies that fully open on March 20th

They will continue to stream in through the New Moon on March 21st (Mary Magdalene’s Birthday), World Water Day on March 22nd, the start of Ramadan on March 23rd, and finally through Pluto’s move into Aquarius on March 24th

This is a gateway in which our collective energies and focus are needed, in order to contribute to the lightwork so necessary for our collective evolution! The astrological momentum is growing and we are hearing a strong call from the Galactic Centre. Do you too hear the call of the Ancient Ones?

We hope you are ready to show up! (-: The presence of the Twin Flames (both physical and etheric) will activate and deepen our process of remembering. Soul groups incarnated to support the re-unification of Twin Flames are asked to remember their mission, as it is very important for the Twin Flame Alchemical Mechanisms to fully come online to support the evolution of consciousness at this time. We are hearing a great call for Union from the Ancient Ones …

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

The Twin Flames – one soul in two bodies – are a very old spiritual technology. Far beyond any ideas of blissful romantic love (which may also be present (-:   ) the Twin Flames are divine complements conceived by higher light councils as a creation mechanism to accelerate a return into Oneness Consciousness. TWIN FLAME MISSIONS ARE NOT LIMITED TO GAIA, indeed they span into Galactic and Intergalactic dimensions.  

Ariadne Green puts it beautifully when she writes: “The Divine Destiny of twin complements is mapped by the stars and planets, which weave a cosmological tapestry of unique energies at the time of their birth. They walk a starlit path fulfilling great missions, a destiny they mutually designed with the help of God”. 

The Twin Flame Mechanism and the Ray of Oneness have always been part of our collective work in Mary Magdalene’s School. Mary Magdalene & Yeshua are known to us as Beings of the RAY OF ONENESS, incarnated to bring in the Christ Consciousness. For this mission, they were and continue to be supported by Essene Soul Family able to hold the high level of consciousness required to make their mission successful.  

“Mary Magdalene & Yeshua are guiding us to deeper understandings of the Twin Ray and are calling Twin Souls and their soul families on Earth to come together and to recognise who they are. Many of you may recognise yourselves as Twin Souls from the Temple of the One Heart (based in Ascended Orion), connected to the White-Gold Flame of Oneness, the Sophia Christ Consciousness. It’s time to deepen our mission of Oneness.”

- Petra van der Linden - Brussen & Anna Vanickova from Mary Magdalene’s School

What does the Ray of Oneness bring us?

We have been remembering and activating the Ray of Oneness on Earth for several years, and we will continue to do so at deeper levels.

We are entering a new phase in which we are asked to use this ray for:

  • Healing the traumatized body
  • Purifying the lower-density habit body (sleeping matter)
  • Healing all programs of separation that may be crystallized in the body and that continue to operate unconsciously in our daily lives.

We are guided to use this ray of very high intelligence to UNLOCK THE LIGHT THAT IS HELD DEEPLY WITHIN OUR CELLS. In so doing, the material world will be transformed from within into a civilization based in the Light of Oneness Consciousness.

The soul will lead the way!

As the field of Unity has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the last two years, many aspects of life have been re-aligned with Oneness. We have witnessed & experienced great shifts in consciousness, as HUMANITY’S MAIN GUIDING LIGHT ONCE AGAIN BECOMES THE SOUL. As we re-member the consciousness of the heart, and merge it with the consciousness of the mind, LAYERS OF MEMORIES ARE REVEALED.

Take a Quantum Leap!

During this program we’ll explain more about the solar impulse of incoming Sophia Christ Consciousness and how it deeply affects our consciousness. As a result of this intense photonic light, the current rate of human biological transformation is unrivalled in our galaxy! As a result of the higher-vibrational incoming light, we are able to reconnect with realities that have been inaccessible to us for millennia. 

The MERGING OF solar based INTELLIGENCE has been a very important phenomenon in the last few of years! It is this continual weaving and coming to Unity that is allowing us to take a quantum leap in our consciousness at this time. 

We are literally in an unprecedented, continuously accelerating evolution of consciousness, back to Wholeness and Holiness. 

It is an unbelievable honour to be able to participate in this experience! Remember, we are built for this! We are built to remember who we truly are (-:

Themes in this program include:








What Can You Expect?

  • To step into a mission that started a long time ago but has not yet been finished 
  • To participate in building the Aquamarine Grid connected to Sirius & Orion 
  • To prepare the anchoring of the Temple of the One Heart on Earth
  • To feel supported & stabilized in anchoring the next layer of Divine Architecture on Gaia 
  • To deepen your work if you are in a physical Twin Flame couple 
  • To re-connect with a Twin Flame in the etheric realms if this is your soul contract & soul timing for this Earth Journey
  • To grow the Oneness Consciousness
  • To support the evolution of humanity at this time
  • To activate & make conscious your interplanetary and intergalactic potential  

Is This Program For Me?

This program is for anyone who has an inner commitment to establishing Peace on Earth, to restoring a state of Divine Sovereignty and Respect for all Sentient Beings, and to realigning life on Earth with natural abundance and oneness, in accordance with Universal Laws.  

This is a program for those who believe they are here to make a difference, and who know they have the power to do so. It is for those who have made a soul pledge to make a contribution of light, love and wisdom during this challenging period in our planetary history.  

 It is for you if you:

  • Feel a deep resonance with the AQUAMARINE RAY 
  • Have a connection to the mission of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua
  • Are connected to the Essene Mission
  • Are connected to SIRIUS and/or ORION
  • Are connected to & CALLED BY THE ANCIENT ONES 
  • Know you are here to do the groundwork for the New Civilisation
  • Are a Twin Soul
  • Support one or several Twin Soul couples
  • Know you are helping anchor the Temple of the One Heart on Gaia
  • Intuitively know that you must participate!

We invite you to listen to your inner voice and feel if all of this resonates! If so, then YOU have the power and the inner toolkit! TOGETHER we will make the shift to the New Humanity!

Participating in this online event will allow you to join us in this service to humanity!

Structure of the program

The Twin Flames program is a unique offering of Mary Magdalene’s School. The materials of this program will be provided through:

  • Writings 
  • 3 pre-recorded audio transmissions 
  • 4 video recordings 
  • 1 LIVE transmission with Petra & Anna in a zoom setting
  • 1 Q&A and sharing session with Petra & Anna in a zoom setting
  • 1 Global Meditation on Mary Magdalene’s School’s FB Page (+ audio of transmission)
  • Extra offering 1: Chamber of Resurrection sound-resonance session
  • Extra offering 2: Audio recording from a FB live transmission


Participation Fee

  • Price: € 188,-
  • Price for Re-membership members: € 111,- 

(including VAT 21%)

Special Offer: We are delighted to offer a 40% reduction to all incoming members of the Re-membership Program. Members of this program meet regularly through ZOOM with Petra & Anna for a range of activities. If you have been hesitating to join our school community, then here is the perfect opportunity to do so! We look forward to welcoming you there!

*Those who would like to do this program over a longer period of time are absolutely welcome, as the program is designed to be temporally flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the program start?

It start directly after registering for the program.

How much time does the program take?

Try to reserve 1.5 – 2 hours each day to fully commit to this program.

Can I follow this program at my own pace?

You absolutely can!

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access for two years after your signup date.

How does the payment work?

Please go to our Online Academy to place an order. Fill in your personal details and choose your payment of choice. After your payment is fullfilled, you will receive an email with more information about the program and login details for the academy.

How can I access the replays?

You will receive links to the replays and the videos will be placed in the online academy.