When two or more hearts truly come together, the alchemy gives birth to miracles

We believe that in community, mutual inspiration, engagement, and connection is expanded. We move into a creativity, love and exploration that is the foundation of our humanity, and become unsurpassable manifestors on Earth.

Our community is starting to grow and we gratefully watch as it expands to over 100 countries around the world. As we gather globally in greater numbers with a common vision of living from our True Nature and creating an illuminated society, we witness an expansion of this prayer for Humanity and a stronger manifestation of this design on Earth. As the light of our community amplifies and expands, we know we will witness miracles at a personal, collective, and planetary level and beyond.  We have already witnessed so many miracles during our time together!!!!

Year-round membership

Mary Magdalene’s Re-Membership

The membership platform is called Mary Magdalene’s Re-membership. This is a place where members meet on a regular basis. Members have free or discounted access to special meditations, sharing circles, collective spiritual work, questions and answers on personal and collective spiritual processes. They also have access to channelings, articles, conversations, and interviews, which are posted on the School membership FB page.


 Ton van der Kroon

We honor all men who follow the sacred path of the heart

“Through the ages there have been holy warriors, sacred warriors, who fought from their heart to restore order. There is a long lineage from the Essenes, the Cathars, the Templars, the Free Masons, people striving to do good for a society, who brought in their stone to build a cathedral of love, or a temple of love. There were always men who gave themselves to a higher cause, who heard the call of their heart and the call of the divine. In any form, be it Christian, be it Roman, be it Celtic… Because underneath there is always the sacred tradition of the heart and the warriors of the heart, who uphold the ethics and the sacred laws of the universe, which they feel in their heart.” – Ton van der Koon