Balance of Yin & Yang

All creation originates from the FEMININE principle. This is why we are being guided to reclaim the feminine – the silence, the circle, non-doing, BEINGness. This is so that we can connect deeply to our own creative spark, to bring newness into life on Earth. This can take more or less time, and is an individual (and sometimes of course collective) process. When we receive our vision for our individual or collective role in creating the New Earth, we need to use the masculine principle of directedness, of action, DOING, to begin to manifest this task (which is one we love doing and which is deeply meaningful!). We need both principles to have balance. Our ongoing journey in the manifestation of the New Earth requires a constant balancing of these two, and this must happen at an individual and collective level in order to build a loving, creative, solid, strong, vital and healthy community. 


If we find that we are running, doing, frantic, lacking time, and not spending enough time in inner silence, we know we are out of balance – we can easily come back into balance by retreating to our inner sanctuary, asking for balance to be restored, aligning with all life. Inversely, we may be very comfortable in our inner sanctuary and not have the necessary fire to set into motion in the outer world our heart vision. At these times it is necessary to activate the inner fire and use the mind to affirm our action, to direct our energy, for the benefit of all Beings. We need balance. We need each and every ONE to be in this state of fluid balance. 


  • What path does your heart ask you to take? Are you willing to walk this path? 
  • How can you align with what you know to be True for you? 
  • Who is your community? 



Anna Vanickova & Petra van der Linden-Brussen