Activation of our Light Bodies





At the present time, our body is changing from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure. The reason that the human body is undergoing this change is that we are connected to the sun of our solar system, and our sun has begun a new phase of its evolution as a star. This new crystalline structure functions on different principles than the carbon-based structure, which is why we are also in such a steep learning curve in our development. It is connected to the activation of our light bodies, which have been dormant for 13,000 years, since the fall of Atlantis. We are in the process of building higher bodies and developing higher, more subtle senses. This in turn allows us to communicate with beings at higher levels, and to access higher planes of consciousness.
We have many different bodies. We have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and a light body. Each of these bodies allows us to interact with a different reality. As we advance in our spiritual evolution, we move into higher levels of reality for which we need higher levels of perception and more refined bodies in order to interact with these higher dimensional realities.
Your light body – also called a resurrection body, chariot of light, chariot of fire, rainbow body, perfected body and a multitude of other names – is a multi-dimensional vehicles of light, and can be likened to a super-computer. When we activate our light bodies, we activate an electromagnetic field that is equal to a city of 15 000 people. In each light body there is a sacred geometrical pattern, part of which is the merkaba. The merkaba of Gaia is a star tetrahedron. Through its rotational movement, the star tetrahedron structures create friction, which creates energy. These light bodies have their own crystalline bio-intelligence. If you are not aware of your light body, ask your higher self if it is the right time for it to be activated, and observe how this impacts your perception.
The spiritual path is a path of sublimating our bodies. As we advance, we bring in higher and higher frequencies which transform the body, renewing it each time, and each time creating it out of newer, higher, more subtle material. We build our bodies out of higher, more subtle atoms, while at the same time transmuting lower vibrational atomic structures. We build higher light bodies by ever- expanding our consciousness into unchartered territory. Ideally, we are continually at work in this process, as this is THE process that most nourishes us, giving us energy, renewing us from the core, and consciously connecting us to the miracle of evolution and life.
With an activated light body, we connect to the part of ourselves that is multi-dimensional and multi-vibrational. We can travel to any place in and on our planet, as well as to any other place in our solar system, galaxy and ultimately, universe. Once our light body has been activated, we can download information from anywhere in the universe, as our light bodies are super-conductive fields that serve creation. With our light bodies, it is also much easier to transform and alchemize energies that are false or limiting. In general, when the moment is right that our light bodies activate, it is the same moment we have chosen, consciously or not, to give the reins of our life over to our Higher Selves.
It is this great transformation that we have been waiting for, for 13 000 years, and that has been predicted for millennia. It is this change from a life locked into the Earth plane, 3D reality, to a life connected to our unlimited potential and the reality of our eternal soul. It is then from the vastness of this perception that we can help build the New Earth, because we become much more capable of receiving and transmitting high-level frequencies. The divine vibration that humans experience in a state of prayer, meditation and in visionary states becomes much more palpable.
“We are now entering a new phase on Earth now, which will stimulate the brain to more frequently enter altered states of consciousness. This will lead to an expanded capacity for psychic abilities, and what we call paranormal will eventually become normal. We will become more sensitive to the God Particle, as this timeframe is quickening the God Particle. Many people who have prayed and worshiped but could not feel the Holy Spirit descending and the Divine amongst them will find that they have a new state of awareness and experience. They will have a new experience through which they feel and sense angelic presences and the Divine Presence. Many more people will seek that spiritual connection because they will begin to feel their authentic and true connection in spiritual devotion. This new phase is the result of a wave of energy coming from the Cosmic and Galactic Source.” – Judith Moore

Anna Vanickova – Petra van der Linden-Brussen

Mary Magdalene’s School


Image – from William Henry’s collection