Universal Codex for a New Civilisation

In this period of time, so much new energy is coming in that you may be feeling a lot of discomfort inside of yourself!

Breathe in and breathe out ….
It is all part of the process!

We can really feel the Universal Womb that has been gestating a new reality for thousands of years, now birthing through each and every one of us!

This enormous shift requires from us to stay true to ourselves, training our ability to observe the reality as it is, while at the same time being the vehicle through which it manifests.
What a task!

With many planets in retrograde and with us moving through the peak of an electromagnetic conflict cycle, we have been guided to focus deeply on PEACE – maintaining an underlying relationship of peace with ourselves, with others, with the process we are going through individually and collectively.

During this free informational meeting, we will share what we have received about the UNIVERSAL CODEX OF PEACE & ABUNDANCE. We will align in silence to move into a space of remembrance of why we are here on Gaia, at this time.

You are whole-heartedly invited to join the Ark of Peace & Abundance! Participate consciously – individually and collectively – to contribute to the founding of a New Humanity!

Register and watch the
replay of our live webinar on October 17th